public static final class


extends Object
implements ContactsContract.DataColumnsWithJoins
   ↳ android.provider.ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Photo

Class Overview

A data kind representing an photo for the contact.

Some sync adapters will choose to download photos in a separate pass. A common pattern is to use columns SYNC1 through SYNC4 to store temporary data, e.g. the image URL or ID, state of download, server-side version of the image. It is allowed for the PHOTO to be null.

You can use all columns defined for ContactsContract.Data as well as the following aliases.

Column aliases

Type AliasData column
BLOB PHOTO DATA15 By convention, binary data is stored in DATA15.


String CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE MIME type used when storing this in data table.
String PHOTO Thumbnail photo of the raw contact.
Inherited Constants
From interface android.provider.BaseColumns
From interface android.provider.ContactsContract.ContactOptionsColumns
From interface android.provider.ContactsContract.ContactStatusColumns
From interface android.provider.ContactsContract.ContactsColumns
From interface android.provider.ContactsContract.DataColumns
From interface android.provider.ContactsContract.DataColumnsWithJoins
From interface android.provider.ContactsContract.RawContactsColumns
From interface android.provider.ContactsContract.StatusColumns
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object


public static final String CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE

Since: API Level 5

MIME type used when storing this in data table.

Constant Value: ""

public static final String PHOTO

Since: API Level 5

Thumbnail photo of the raw contact. This is the raw bytes of an image that could be inflated using BitmapFactory.

Type: BLOB

Constant Value: "data15"