Since: API Level 1


Classes | Description

The client-side connection management and handling API at the heart of what is referred to as HttpConn.



ClientConnectionManager Management interface for client connections
ClientConnectionManagerFactory A factory for creating new ClientConnectionManager instances. 
ClientConnectionOperator Interface for opening connections
ClientConnectionRequest Encapsulates a request for a ManagedClientConnection
ConnectionKeepAliveStrategy Interface for deciding how long a connection can remain idle before being reused. 
ConnectionReleaseTrigger Interface for releasing a connection. 
EofSensorWatcher A watcher for EofSensorInputStream
ManagedClientConnection A client-side connection with advanced connection logic. 
OperatedClientConnection A client-side connection that relies on outside logic to connect sockets to the appropriate hosts. 


BasicEofSensorWatcher Basic implementation of EofSensorWatcher
BasicManagedEntity An entity that releases a connection
EofSensorInputStream A stream wrapper that triggers actions on close() and EOF. 
MultihomePlainSocketFactory Socket factory that implements a simple multi-home fail-over on connect failure, provided the same hostname resolves to multiple InetAddresses. 


ConnectionPoolTimeoutException A timeout while waiting for an available connection from a connection manager. 
ConnectTimeoutException A timeout while connecting to an HTTP server or waiting for an available connection from an HttpConnectionManager. 
HttpHostConnectException A ConnectException that specifies the HttpHost that was being connected to.