Welcome to the Android SDK!

If you've downloaded the Android SDK for the first time...

Follow the online guide to Installing the Android SDK, which will help you setup your development environment (including the Android Development Tools plugin for Eclipse) so you can start developing Android apps.

Once your environment is setup, look at the Next Steps for some suggestions on how to begin learning about Android.

If you've just installed new SDK components using the SDK and AVD Manager...

There's no additional setup.

Newly installed Android platforms are automatically saved in the <sdk_dir>/platforms/ directory of your existing SDK; new add-ons are saved in the <sdk_dir>/add-ons/ directory; and new documentation is saved in the existing <sdk_dir>/docs/ directory (old docs are replaced).

Note that you are currently viewing a local, offline version of the Android developer documentation. The offline documentation offers almost all the same content and features as the online documentation. Because some features such as search and videos are network-based, not everything will work if you are not connected to the Internet.

For the most current documentation and a fully-functional experience, please visit: