Since: API Level 1


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The implementation of a thread-safe client connection manager.



PoolEntryRequest Encapsulates a request for a BasicPoolEntry
RefQueueHandler Callback handler for RefQueueWorker


AbstractConnPool An abstract connection pool. 
BasicPooledConnAdapter A connection wrapper and callback handler. 
BasicPoolEntry Basic implementation of a connection pool entry. 
BasicPoolEntryRef A weak reference to a BasicPoolEntry
ConnPoolByRoute A connection pool that maintains connections by route. 
RefQueueWorker A worker thread for processing queued references. 
RouteSpecificPool A connection sub-pool for a specific route, used by ConnPoolByRoute
ThreadSafeClientConnManager Manages a pool of client connections
WaitingThread Represents a thread waiting for a connection. 
WaitingThreadAborter A simple class that can interrupt a WaitingThread