Since: API Level 1


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A framework for writing Android test cases and suites.



PerformanceTestCase More complex interface performance for test cases. 
PerformanceTestCase.Intermediates Callbacks for PerformanceTestCase
TestSuiteProvider Implementors will know how to get a test suite. 


ActivityInstrumentationTestCase<T extends Activity> This class is deprecated. new tests should be written using ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2, which provides more options for configuring the Activity under test  
ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2<T extends Activity> This class provides functional testing of a single activity. 
ActivityTestCase This is common code used to support Activity test cases. 
ActivityUnitTestCase<T extends Activity> This class provides isolated testing of a single activity. 
AndroidTestCase Extend this if you need to access Resources or other things that depend on Activity Context. 
ApplicationTestCase<T extends Application> This test case provides a framework in which you can test Application classes in a controlled environment. 
InstrumentationTestCase A test case that has access to Instrumentation
InstrumentationTestRunner An Instrumentation that runs various types of TestCases against an Android package (application). 
InstrumentationTestSuite A TestSuite that injects Instrumentation into InstrumentationTestCase before running them. 
IsolatedContext A mock context which prevents its users from talking to the rest of the device while stubbing enough methods to satify code that tries to talk to other packages. 
MoreAsserts Contains additional assertion methods not found in JUnit. 
ProviderTestCase<T extends ContentProvider> This class is deprecated. this class extends InstrumentationTestCase but should extend AndroidTestCase. Use ProviderTestCase2, which corrects this problem, instead.  
ProviderTestCase2<T extends ContentProvider> This test case class provides a framework for testing a single ContentProvider and for testing your app code with an isolated content provider. 
RenamingDelegatingContext This is a class which delegates to the given context, but performs database and file operations with a renamed database/file name (prefixes default names with a given prefix). 
ServiceTestCase<T extends Service> This test case provides a framework in which you can test Service classes in a controlled environment. 
SingleLaunchActivityTestCase<T extends Activity> If you would like to test a single activity with an InstrumentationTestCase, this provides some of the boiler plate to launch and finish the activity in setUp() and tearDown()
SyncBaseInstrumentation If you would like to test sync a single provider with an InstrumentationTestCase, this provides some of the boiler plate in setUp() and tearDown()
TouchUtils Reusable methods for generating touch events. 
ViewAsserts Some useful assertions about views. 


AssertionFailedError Thrown when an assertion failed. 
ComparisonFailure Thrown when an assert equals for Strings failed.