Since: API Level 9

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Provides access to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) functionality, such as making and answering VOIP calls using SIP.



SipRegistrationListener Listener for SIP registration events. 


SipAudioCall Handles an Internet audio call over SIP. 
SipAudioCall.Listener Listener for events relating to a SIP call, such as when a call is being recieved ("on ringing") or a call is outgoing ("on calling"). 
SipErrorCode Defines error codes returned during SIP actions. 
SipManager Provides APIs for SIP tasks, such as initiating SIP connections, and provides access to related SIP services. 
SipProfile Defines a SIP profile, including a SIP account, domain and server information. 
SipProfile.Builder Helper class for creating a SipProfile
SipSession Represents a SIP session that is associated with a SIP dialog or a standalone transaction not within a dialog. 
SipSession.Listener Listener for events relating to a SIP session, such as when a session is being registered ("on registering") or a call is outgoing ("on calling"). 
SipSession.State Defines SIP session states, such as "registering", "outgoing call", and "in call". 


SipException Indicates a general SIP-related exception.