Since: API Level 1
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An interface which provides functionality for a disconnected RowSet to get data from a database into its rows. The RowSet calls the RowSetReader interface when the RowSet's execute method is invoked - a RowSetReader must first be registered with the RowSet for this to work.

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Public Methods
abstract void readData(RowSetInternal theCaller)
Reads new data into the RowSet.

Public Methods

public abstract void readData (RowSetInternal theCaller)

Since: API Level 1

Reads new data into the RowSet. The calling RowSet object must itself implement the RowSetInternal interface and the RowSetReader must be registered as a reader on the RowSet.

This method adds rows into the calling RowSet. The reader may invoke any of the RowSet's methods except for the execute method (calling execute will cause an SQLException to be thrown). However, when the reader calls the RowSet's methods, no events are sent to listeners - any listeners are informed by the calling RowSet's execute method once the reader returns from the readData method.

theCaller must be the calling RowSet object, which must have implemented the RowSetInternal interface.
SQLException if a problem occurs accessing the database or if the reader calls the execute() method.
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