public class


extends Object
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Class Overview

Xfermode is the base class for objects that are called to implement custom "transfer-modes" in the drawing pipeline. The static function Create(Modes) can be called to return an instance of any of the predefined subclasses as specified in the Modes enum. When an Xfermode is assigned to an Paint, then objects drawn with that paint have the xfermode applied.


Public Constructors
Protected Methods
void finalize()
Called before the object's memory is reclaimed by the VM.
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From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public Xfermode ()

Since: API Level 1

Protected Methods

protected void finalize ()

Since: API Level 1

Called before the object's memory is reclaimed by the VM. This can only happen once the garbage collector has detected that the object is no longer reachable by any thread of the running application.

The method can be used to free system resources or perform other cleanup before the object is garbage collected. The default implementation of the method is empty, which is also expected by the VM, but subclasses can override finalize() as required. Uncaught exceptions which are thrown during the execution of this method cause it to terminate immediately but are otherwise ignored.

Note that the VM does guarantee that finalize() is called at most once for any object, but it doesn't guarantee when (if at all) finalize() will be called. For example, object B's finalize() can delay the execution of object A's finalize() method and therefore it can delay the reclamation of A's memory. To be safe, use a ReferenceQueue, because it provides more control over the way the VM deals with references during garbage collection.