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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CosNotification::_EventTypeDefine event type names
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::AdminLimitHelper structure to represent a violation of the limits in a proxy admin
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::AdminLimitExceededException raised if a limit in a proxy admin is breached
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::AdminNotFoundException raised if a lookup for a specific Admin ID fails
CosNotification::AdminPropertiesAdminDefine the interface to manipulate the Admin properties of a Notification Service components
TAO_Notify::Bit_VectorSimple bit vector
TAO_Notify::Routing_Slip_Persistence_Manager::Block_HeaderPrivate: Storage for header information of all persistent block
CosNotifyFilter::CallbackNotFoundException raised if the application tries to remove a Filter callback that does not exists
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ChannelNotFoundException raised if an specific ChannelID is not found
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ConnectionAlreadyActiveException Raised if an attempt is made to resume a connection that has not been suspended
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ConnectionAlreadyInactiveException raised if an attempt is made to suspend a connection already suspended
CosNotifyFilter::ConstraintExpDefines a constraint expression
CosNotifyFilter::ConstraintInfoHelper data structure to modify a constraint expression
CosNotifyFilter::ConstraintNotFoundException raised if a constraint ID is not found while modifying or removing multiple constraints
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ConsumerAdminInterface used to control and obtain the proxies used by consumers
COW_Collection_Default_Factory< PROXY >
TAO_Notify::Delivery_RequestRepresents a request to deliver an event to a particular destination
TAO_Notify_Container_T< TYPE >::Destroyer
CosNotifyFilter::DuplicateConstraintIDException raised if a duplicate ID is used while modifying or removing multiple constraints
TAO_Notify::Routing_Slip_Persistence_Manager::Event_HeaderAn Event block header
TAO_Notify::Event_Persistence_FactoryInterface to be implemented by specific Event_Persistence_Factories
TAO_Notify::Event_Persistence_StrategyInterface to be implemented by specific strategies
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::EventChannelDefines the interface to control an use an event channel
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::EventChannelFactoryDefines the interface used to build event channels
CosNotification::EventHeaderComplete event header
CosNotifyFilter::FilterInterface used to manipulate and evaluate filters
CosNotifyFilter::FilterAdminInterface used to modify the Filters attached to a Notification Service component
CosNotifyFilter::FilterFactoryCreate Filter and MappingFilter objects
CosNotifyFilter::FilterNotFoundException raised if a filter ID is not found
CosNotification::FixedEventHeaderDefine the 'fixed' part of the event header
CosNotifyFilter::InvalidConstraintException raised if a constraint's grammar does not match the Filter grammar
CosNotifyComm::InvalidEventTypeException raised to indicate that an EventType is syntactically or semantically invalid
CosNotifyFilter::InvalidGrammarException raised if the filtering expression is using an invalid grammar
CosNotifyFilter::InvalidValueException raised if a modification or addition of a mapping constraint does not matches the mapping filter type
CosNotifyFilter::MappingConstraintInfoHelper structure used to represent a mapping constraint, its property value and the ID assigned to it in a MappingFilter
CosNotifyFilter::MappingConstraintPairHelper structure used to modify a mapping constraint expression
CosNotifyFilter::MappingFilterMapping filters can be used to change properties of an event as it traverses the Notification Service
CosNotification::NamedPropertyRangeA named property range
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::NotConnectedException raised if an attempt is made to suspend or resume a proxy that has not been connected
CosNotifyComm::NotifyPublishDefines interface to report changes in the events published to a consumer
CosNotifyComm::NotifySubscribeDefines interface to report changes in the events required from a supplier
TAO_Notify::NVPName/Value Pair
TAO_Notify::NVPListCollection of Name/Value Pairs
TAO_Notify::Routing_Slip_Persistence_Manager::Overflow_HeaderAn overflow block header
TAO_Notify::Persistent_CallbackAn interface to allow callbacks on completion of persistent storage requests
TAO_Notify::Persistent_File_AllocatorA class that manages the details of persistent storage
TAO_Notify::Persistent_Storage_BlockA class to represent a block on disk
CosNotification::PropertyDefine a name/value pair
CosNotification::PropertyErrorDescribe the problems detected with an application requested QoS
CosNotification::PropertyRangeA structure to define property ranges
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumerDefines the interface shared by all consumer proxies
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyNotFoundException raised if a lookup for a specific Proxy ID fails
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyPushConsumerDefines the interface provided for push-style suppliers using the 'any' event format
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyPushSupplierDefines the interface provided for push-style consumers using the 'any' event format
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxySupplierDefines the interface shared by all supplier proxies
CosNotifyComm::PushConsumerDefines the interface used by push-style consumers
CosNotifyComm::PushSupplierDefines the interface used by push-style suppliers
CosNotification::QoSAdminInterface used to control the QoS properties of an Event Service components (Channel, Proxy, etc.)
TAO_Notify::Random_FileA random file class
TAO_Notify::Reconnect_Worker< TOPOOBJ >Iterate through children reconnecting after reloading persistent information
TAO_Notify::Reconnection_RegistryImplementation of ReconnectionRegistry
TAO_Notify::Routing_SlipClass which manages the delivery of events to destination
TAO_Notify::Routing_Slip_Persistence_Manager::Routing_Slip_HeaderPrivate: Storage for header information for Routing_Slip blocks
TAO_Notify::Routing_Slip_Persistence_ManagerManage interaction between Routing_Slip and persistent storage
TAO_Notify::Routing_Slip_QueueA queue of Routing_Slips waiting to be persisted
TAO_Notify::Save_Persist_Worker< TOPOOBJ >Iterate through children saving persistent topology information
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushConsumerDefines the interface provided for push-style suppliers using the 'batched' event format
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushSupplierDefines the interface provided for push-style consumers using the 'batched' event format
CosNotifyComm::SequencePushConsumerDefines the interface used by push-style consumers that interested in event batches
CosNotifyComm::SequencePushSupplierDefines the interface used by push-style suppliers that provide event batches
TAO_Notify::Standard_Event_PersistenceThe standard implementation of the Event_Persistence_Strategy interface
TAO_Notify::Standard_Event_Persistence_FactoryStandard (i.e. default) implementation of Event_Persistence_Factory interface
CosNotification::StructuredEventDefine structured events
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::StructuredProxyPushConsumerDefines the interface provided for push-style suppliers using the 'structured' event format
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::StructuredProxyPushSupplierDefines the interface provided for push-style consumers using the 'structured' event format
CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushConsumerDefines the interface used by push-style consumers of structured events
CosNotifyComm::StructuredPushSupplierDefines the interface used by push-style suppliers that provide structure events
CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SupplierAdminInterface used to control and obtain the proxies used by suppliers
TAO_CosNotify_ServiceA service object for creating the Notify Service Factory
TAO_ETCL_FilterImplementation of CosNotifyFilter::Filter servant
TAO_Notify_AdminBase class for the ConsumerAdmin and SupplierAdmin
TAO_Notify_AdminPropertiesThe AdminProperties per EventChannel
TAO_Notify_AnyEventAnyEvent implementation
TAO_Notify_Buffering_StrategyBase Strategy to enqueue and dequeue items from a Message Queue
TAO_Notify_BuilderHelper class to create and activate CORBA objects
TAO_Notify_Constraint_Interpreter"ETCL" Interpreter for the Notify queries
TAO_Notify_ConsumerAstract Base class for wrapping consumer objects that connect to the EventChannel
TAO_Notify_Consumer_MapThe Event Map for Consumers
TAO_Notify_ConsumerAdminImplementation of CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ConsumerAdmin
TAO_Notify_Container_T< TYPE >A template class that manages a collection. TYPE = type of collection
TAO_Notify_CosNotify_InitializerHelper to load the Cos Notification service into the service conf. for static links
TAO_Notify_Default_Collection_FactoryMaintained for backward compatibility
TAO_Notify_Default_EMO_FactoryMaintained for backward compatibility
TAO_Notify_Default_FactoryDefault_Factory interface for creating Notify Objects
TAO_Notify_Default_POA_FactoryMaintained for backward compatibility
TAO_Notify_EventBase class abstraction for Events flowing through the EventChannel
TAO_Notify_Event_ManagerA class that manages the Consumer and Supplier maps
TAO_Notify_Event_Map_Entry_T< PROXY >The entry stored in the event map
TAO_Notify_Event_Map_T< PROXY, ACE_LOCK >Template class for storing the collection of Proxys
TAO_Notify_EventChannelImplementation of CosNotifyChannelAdmin::EventChannel
TAO_Notify_EventChannelFactoryImplementation of CosNotifyChannelAdmin::EventChannelFactory
TAO_Notify_EventChannelFactory_iClass maintained for Backward compatibility
TAO_Notify_EventTypeThis type is used to compare different event types. It is used by the Event Manager as a key to find subscription lists
TAO_Notify_EventTypeSeqAllows operations using the CosNotification::EventTypeSeq type
TAO_Notify_FactoryFactory interface for creating Notify Objects
TAO_Notify_FilterAdminFilterAdmin interface methods implementation
TAO_Notify_FilterFactoryService Object to obtain a CosNotifyFilter::FilterFactory reference
TAO_Notify_Find_Worker_T< TYPE, INTERFACE, INTERFACE_PTR, EXCEPTION >Helper to locate a TYPE given its ID
TAO_Notify_ID_FactoryA simple factory for generating ID's for objects created by Notify
TAO_Notify_Method_RequestBase class for Method Requests
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Dispatch_No_CopyDispatchs an event to a proxy supplier
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Dispatch_QueueableDispatchs an event to a proxy supplier
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_EventA base class for all Method Requests that are associated with events
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event_QueueableA method request for storing events
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Lookup_No_CopyLookup command object looks up the event type of the given event in the consumer map and send the event to each proxysupplier
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Lookup_QueueableLookup command object looks up the event type of the given event in the consumer map and send the event to each proxysupplier
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_QueueableInterface for NS method Requests
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_ShutdownShutdown message for the ThreadPool_Task
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_UpdatesCommand Object to send updates to proxys
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Updates_No_CopyCommand Object to send updates to proxys
TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Updates_T< SEQ, PROXY, SEQ_PARAM, PROXY_PARAM >
TAO_Notify_ObjectBase Object for RT_Notify's CORBA Objects
TAO_Notify_PeerBase class for Supplier and Consumer classes. This object delegates its reference count to its creator proxy object
TAO_Notify_POA_HelperPOA Abstraction
TAO_Notify_PropertiesGlobal properties that strategize Notify's run-time behaviour
TAO_Notify_Property_BooleanBoolean Property
TAO_Notify_Property_T< TYPE >
TAO_Notify_PropertyBase_T< TYPE >
TAO_Notify_ProxyBase class proxy for all proxys in NS
TAO_Notify_Proxy_T< SERVANT_TYPE >The is a base class for all proxys , templatized by the servant type. All the Filter Admin and QoS Admin interface methods are implemented here by delegating to the admin implementations
TAO_Notify_ProxyConsumerBase class for all types of ProxyConsumer implementations
TAO_Notify_ProxyConsumer_T< SERVANT_TYPE >
TAO_Notify_ProxyConsumer_Update_WorkerInform ProxyConsumer of updates
TAO_Notify_ProxySupplierBase class for all the ProxySuppliers
TAO_Notify_ProxySupplier_T< SERVANT_TYPE >
TAO_Notify_ProxySupplier_Update_WorkerInform ProxySupplier of updates
TAO_Notify_PushConsumerWrapper for the PushConsumer that connect to the EventChannel
TAO_Notify_Reactive_TaskA reactive worker task. Simply executes the command in the caller's context
TAO_Notify_RefcountableThread-safe refounting, calls the <release> method when refcount falls to 0
TAO_Notify_Refcountable_Guard_T< T >Increments the reference count in the constructor, the count is decremented in the destructor. See Refcountable.h for further notes on usage
TAO_Notify_RT_BuilderBuilder for RT specific classes
TAO_Notify_RT_FactoryThe Factory for the RT aware Notify classes
TAO_Notify_RT_POA_HelperHelper for creating RT POA objects
TAO_Notify_RT_PropertiesRT specifc global properties are stored here
TAO_Notify_Seq_Worker_T< TYPE >Helper to construct a sequence of IDS in a collections
TAO_Notify_SequenceProxyPushSupplierImplements the CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushSupplier methods
TAO_Notify_SequencePushSupplierWrapper for the SequencePushSupplier that connect to the EventChannel
TAO_Notify_ServiceAbstract ACE_Service_Object interface that is a factory for creating a Notify EventChannelFactory
TAO_Notify_StructProperty_T< TYPE >
TAO_Notify_StructuredEventStructuredEvent implementation
TAO_Notify_StructuredEvent_No_CopyStructuredEvent implementation
TAO_Notify_StructuredProxyPushConsumerCosNotifyChannelAdmin::StructuredProxyPushConsumer implementation
TAO_Notify_StructuredProxyPushSupplierImplements the CosNotifyChannelAdmin::StructuredProxyPushSupplier methods
TAO_Notify_StructuredPushConsumerWrapper for the StructuredPushConsumer that connect to the EventChannel
TAO_Notify_StructuredPushSupplierWrapper for the PushSupplier that connect to the EventChannel
TAO_Notify_SupplierBase Wrappers for Suppliers that connect to the EventChannel
TAO_Notify_SupplierAdminImplementation of CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SupplierAdmin
TAO_Notify_ThreadPool_TaskImplements a Thread Pool Worker Task
TAO_Notify_TimerInterface for scheduling timers
TAO_Notify_Timer_QueueACE_Timer_Queue based timer
TAO_Notify_Timer_ReactorReactor::instance based timer. The timers are dispatched by the main thread
TAO_Notify_Worker_TaskBase Worker Task
TAO_RT_Notify_ServiceImplemetation of the TAO_Notify_Service interface for RT Notification
TAO_Notify::Topology_FactoryService Object to allow dynamic control of the loaded saver factory
TAO_Notify::Topology_LoaderAn interface for an object that loads Persistent Topology Information
TAO_Notify::Topology_ObjectBase class for Persistent Topology Objects
TAO_Notify::Topology_ParentInterface for topology objects that act as parents
TAO_Notify::Topology_SavableInterface to be implemented by savable topology objects
TAO_Notify::Topology_SaverAn interface to be implemented by objects that save Topology
TAO_Notify_Buffering_Strategy::TrackerThis interface allows tracking of the queue size
CosNotification::UnsupportedAdminException used to describe problems with one or more Admin properties
CosNotifyFilter::UnsupportedFilterableDataException raised when an event with unsupported filtered data is tested against a Filter
CosNotification::UnsupportedQoSException used to describe problems with one or more QoS requests
TAO_Notify::Validate_Worker< TOPOOBJ >Iterate through children reconnecting after reloading persistent information
TAO_Notify::XML_LoaderLoad Notification Service Topology from an XML file
TAO_Notify::XML_SaverSave Notification Service Topology to an XML file
TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_FactoryCreate XML topology savers and loaders
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