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TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event Class Reference

A base class for all Method Requests that are associated with events. More...

#include <Method_Request_Event.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event (const TAO_Notify_Event *)
 Construct from event.
 TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event (const TAO_Notify::Delivery_Request_Ptr &delivery_request)
 Construct from a delivery request.
 TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event (const TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event &rhs, const TAO_Notify_Event *event)
virtual ~TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event ()
const TAO_Notify_Eventevent () const
void complete ()
unsigned long sequence ()
bool should_retry ()

Protected Attributes

const TAO_Notify_Eventevent_
 The Event.
TAO_Notify::Delivery_Request_Ptr delivery_request_
 Pointer to the routing slip's delivery request (if any)

Detailed Description

A base class for all Method Requests that are associated with events.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event ( const TAO_Notify_Event event )

Construct from event.

TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event ( const TAO_Notify::Delivery_Request_Ptr delivery_request )

Construct from a delivery request.

TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event ( const TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event rhs,
const TAO_Notify_Event event 

Construct from another Method Request Event is passed separately because it may be a copy of the one in request.

TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::~TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event (  ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::complete (  )
const TAO_Notify_Event * TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::event (  ) const
unsigned long TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::sequence (  )
bool TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event::should_retry (  )

Member Data Documentation

Pointer to the routing slip's delivery request (if any)

The Event.

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