TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy Class Reference

Implementation of the ZIOP::CompressionEnablingPolicy. More...

#include <ZIOP_Policy_i.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CompressionEnablingPolicy (void)
 CompressionEnablingPolicy (const ::CORBA::Boolean val)
 CompressionEnablingPolicy (const CompressionEnablingPolicy &rhs)
 Copy constructor.
virtual CompressionEnablingPolicyclone (void) const
 Returns a copy of <this>.
virtual ::CORBA::Boolean compression_enabled (void)
 = The ZIOP::BidirectionalPolicy methods
virtual CORBA::PolicyType policy_type (void)
virtual CORBA::Policy_ptr copy (void)
virtual void destroy (void)
virtual TAO_Cached_Policy_Type _tao_cached_type (void) const
TAO_Policy_Scope _tao_scope (void) const
CORBA::Boolean _tao_encode (TAO_OutputCDR &out_cdr)
 This method writes a CDR representation of the current object.
CORBA::Boolean _tao_decode (TAO_InputCDR &in_cdr)
 This method reads the object state from a CDR representation.

Private Attributes

::CORBA::Boolean value_
 The attribute.

Detailed Description

Implementation of the ZIOP::CompressionEnablingPolicy.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::CompressionEnablingPolicy ( void   ) 

TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::CompressionEnablingPolicy ( const ::CORBA::Boolean  val  ) 


TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::CompressionEnablingPolicy ( const CompressionEnablingPolicy rhs  ) 

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

TAO_Cached_Policy_Type TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::_tao_cached_type ( void   )  const [virtual]

CORBA::Boolean TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::_tao_decode ( TAO_InputCDR in_cdr  ) 

This method reads the object state from a CDR representation.

CORBA::Boolean TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::_tao_encode ( TAO_OutputCDR out_cdr  ) 

This method writes a CDR representation of the current object.

TAO_Policy_Scope TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::_tao_scope ( void   )  const

CompressionEnablingPolicy * TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::clone ( void   )  const [virtual]

Returns a copy of <this>.

CORBA::Boolean TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::compression_enabled ( void   ) 

= The ZIOP::BidirectionalPolicy methods

CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::copy ( void   )  [virtual]

void TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::destroy ( void   )  [virtual]

CORBA::PolicyType TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::policy_type ( void   )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

::CORBA::Boolean TAO::TAO::CompressionEnablingPolicy::value_ [private]

The attribute.

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