List of Sample Apps

The list below provides a summary of the sample applications that are available with the Android SDK. Using the links on this page, you can view the source files of the sample applications in your browser.

You can also download the source of these samples into your SDK, then modify and reuse it as you need. For more information, see Getting the Samples.

Accelerometer Play
An example that demonstrates how to use accelerometer readings in an application.
Accessibility Service
An example that demonstrates the use of accessibility APIs.
API Demos
A variety of small applications that demonstrate an extensive collection of framework topics.
Backup and Restore
A simple example that illustrates a few different ways for an application to implement support for the Android data backup and restore mechanism.
Bluetooth Chat
An application for two-way text messaging over Bluetooth.
An application that demonstrates how to launch the built-in contact picker from within an activity. This sample also uses reflection to ensure that the correct version of the contacts API is used, depending on which API level the application is running under.
Contact Manager
An application that demonstrates how to query the system contacts provider using the ContactsContract API, as well as insert contacts into a specific account.
A home screen replacement application.
A game that demonstrates the SONiVOX JET interactive music technology, with JetPlayer.
Live Wallpaper
An application that demonstrates how to create a live wallpaper and bundle it in an application that users can install on their devices.
Lunar Lander
A classic Lunar Lander game.
Multiple Resolutions
A sample application that shows how to use resource directory qualifiers to provide different resources for different screen configurations.
An application for reading NFC Forum Type 2 Tags using platform NFC apis..
Note Pad
An application for saving notes. Similar (but not identical) to the Notepad tutorial.
Demonstrates how an application can communicate with a cloud-based service and synchronize its data with data stored locally in a content provider. The sample uses two related parts of the Android framework — the account manager and the synchronization manager (through a sync adapter).
Searchable Dictionary
A sample application that demonstrates Android's search framework, including how to provide search suggestions for Quick Search Box.
SIP Demo
An application that demonstrates how to make an internet-based call using the SIP API.
An implementation of the classic game "Snake."
Soft Keyboard
An example of writing an input method for a software keyboard.
A simple application that serves as an application-under-test for the SpinnerTest sample application.
An example test application that contains test cases run against the Spinner sample application. To learn more about the application and how to run it, please read the Activity Testing tutorial.
An example of an Android library project that provides a game-play Activity to any dependent application project. For an example of how an application can use the code and resources in an Android library project, see the TicTacToeMain sample application.
An example of an Android application that makes use of code and resources provided in an Android library project. Specifically, this application uses code and resources provided in the TicTacToeLib library project.
An example of creating interactive widgets for display on the Android home screen.
Wiktionary (Simplified)
A simple Android home screen widgets example.

For more sample applications, check out apps-for-android, a collection of open source applications that demonstrate various Android APIs.

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