Members of the ACE and TAO Development Team

Much of the success of ACE and TAO stems from the dedication of the members in the research group at Vanderbilt University, Washington University, St. Louis, and the University of California, Irvine, where we've developed a unique R&D culture. The members of our research group include the following:

Vanderbilt University Director

Washington University Director

Former Washington University Director

Affiliated Faculty and Full-time Staff

  1. Chris Gill <>

    Chris is an Assistant Professor at Washington University who joined the DOC group from Southwestern Bell. He has ported ACE to the pSoS real-time operating system and has implemented a strategized scheduling service for TAO. His Ph.D. focused on a middleware framework for dynamic and adaptive resource management in embedded and real-time distributed object computing systems.

  2. Andy Gokhale <>

    Andy is an Associate Professor in the EECS Department and a Senior Researcher in the Institute for Software Intensive Systems at Vanderbilt University. As a Ph.D. student at Washington University, Andy conducted a substantial amount of work developing benchmarks for CORBA performance over ATM networks. His Ph.D. research contributed many components to TAO -- most notably the various Object Adapter demultiplexing strategies, IIOP optimizations, and the TAO IDL compiler. Andy received his Ph.D. in 1998 and worked as a member of the research staff for Bell Labs at Murray Hill.

  3. Jeff Parsons <>

    Jeff graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Washington University and is a full-time staff member in the DOC group at Washington University working on TAO's IDL compiler, its Interface Repository, and many other odds and ends. As an undergrad, Jeff provided the original TAO Dynamic Any implementation, as well as a DII/DSI application using TAO. He also developed an extensive regression IDL compiler test suite to validate TAO's features. In addition to being a full-time staff member, Jeff is a CS Masters grad student at Washington University.

Doctoral Students

In addition to Jeff Parsons, whom is a full-time staff and a doctoral student, the DOC group has the following doctoral students:

  1. Jaiganesh Balasubramanian<>

    Jai is a graduate student at ISIS where he is working on adding adding load balancing to TAO, component swapping, and a resource allocation and control engine for CIAO.

  2. Krishnakumar Balasubramanian<>

    Kitty is a graduate student at ISIS where he is working on domain-specific modeling languages for the CORBA Component Model (CCM).

MS Students

Former DOC Group Members

We're quite proud to have worked with many bright students and staff over the years. The following are former members of the DOC group who have gone on to do great things after matriculating from the DOC group.

  1. Everett Anderson <>

    As an undergrad, Everett worked on Java ACE, particularly the Service Configurator. He also worked on the netsvcs port to Java ACE. He is currently working for Sun.

  2. Shawn Atkins <>

    Shawn worked on ORB benchmarks. He joined Lucent Bell Labs in Columbus, Ohio upon graduation.

  3. Alexander Babu Arulanthu <>

    Alex developed the TAO's Property Service and is porting the ACE Proactor to POSIX asynchronous I/O. In addition, Alex integrated the GNU GPERF perfect hash function generator program into TAO and has also implemented a POSIX version of ACE's Proactor framework. For his masters project, he implemented the Asynchronous Method Invocation callback model from the CORBA Messaging specification. Alex currently works for Sylantro in Campbell, CA.

  4. Luther Baker <>

    Luther was a graduate student at Washington University, where he worked on the PACE project.

  5. Darrell Brunsch <>

    Darrell developed and optimized many of the Timer Queue implementations for ACE. He also helped out with many ACE and TAO improvements for Windows NT and created TAO's Implementation Repository. He now works at Microsoft in Redmond, WA.

  6. Martin Botzler <>

    Martin was a visiting researcher from Siemens ZT in Munich Germany. He's a member of the JOLT team and is working on CORBA asynchronous messaging.

  7. Matt Braun <>

    Matt implemented the TAO logging service and Telecom Logging Service. He is now living in New Zealand with his mother, Carol Mosley-Braun, who is US ambassador to New Zealand.

  8. Chris Cleeland <>

    As a full-time staff member, Chris helped with ACE development for several years. He contributed to the design and implementation of the Gateway application, helped design portions of Java ACE, and was instrumental in developing the TAO ORB Core. He has worked for IONA and now works for OCI in St. Louis, MO.

  9. Angelo Corsaro <>

    Angelo received his Doctoral in the DOC group at Washington University, where he worked on Real-time CORBA in both Java and C++. He also worked on jRate, which is an implementation of Real-time Java.

  10. Sergio Flores-Gaitan <>

    As an MS student, Sergio developed a testbed for detecting sources of non-determinism and priority inversion in Real-time ORBs. He also helped develop the Naming Service for TAO. After receiving his MS, Sergio now works for Microsoft.

  11. Priyanka Gontla <>

    Priyanka worked on improving our online TAO tutorials, TAO subsetting, and the TAO Interoperable Naming Service. She's now working for OCI on topics related to reducing the ACE+TAO footprint.

  12. Pradeep Gore <>

    Pradeep has developed a version of TAO's Real-time Events Service that conforms to the standard CORBA Notification Service specification.

  13. Shawn Hannan <>

    Shawn's research interests are software design patterns and object-oriented programming techniques.

  14. Tim Harrison <>

    As an MS student, Tim developed many aspects of ACE including the WFMO_Reactor and Proactor, the Token Service, and many of the CORBA benchmarks. Tim was instrumental in the design of the TAO Real-time Event Service, which was the focus of his MS project. After receiving his MS in 1997, Tim now works for a startup company called Purple Yogi in California.

  15. John Heitmann<>

    John was an undergraduate who worked at Washington University as a summer intern.

  16. Joe Hoffert <>

    Joe was a Research Associate at Washington University who worked on the RT DII COE segmentation aspects of PACE. He is now working for Boeing in St. Louis.

  17. James Hu <>

    James developed JAWS, which is a high-performance adaptive Web server written using ACE. He now works for a company in Silicon Valley that provides content delivery systems for the Internet.

  18. Frank Hunleth <>

    Frank received his Masters in the DOC group at Washington University after working for Tellabs. His research interests include real-time and embedded software development, distributed computing, design patterns, voice over IP, and network protocol design.

  19. Prashant Jain <>

    As an MS student, Prashant developed most of Java ACE, as well as the ACE Time Service and Naming Service. His MS project focused on the design of a medical imaging system written using Java ACE. Prashant now works for IBM Research in India.

  20. Vishal Kachroo <>

    Vishal implemented the CORBA Time Service and is working on the CORBA Interoperable Naming Service. In addition, he worked on the ACE QoS API (AQoSA). Vishal now works for Cplane.

  21. Michael Kircher <>

    As an undergrad, Michael implemented a prototype of DOVE that demonstrates the use of C++ and Java for online monitoring of real-time applications. In addition, Michael made key several contributions to the TAO IDL compiler and implemented location forwarding in TAO. Michael now works on the JOLT project at Siemens ZT in Munich, Germany.

  22. Fred Kuhns <>

    Fred was the Associate Director of the Center for Distributed Object Computing. He is now a Senior Research Associate in Department of Computer Science at Washington University, St. Louis, working for the Applied Research Lab. His research interests focus on operating system and network support for high-performance, real-time distributed object computing systems. His recent research projects have focused on the design and implementation of real-time I/O subsystems, pluggable protocols, software support for high-performance interfaces, and QoS support in integrated service routers.

  23. Arvind S. Krishna <>

    Arvind got his Ph.D. at ISIS working on the ZEN Real-time CORBA ORB and specialization techniques. He now works at Qualcomm.

  24. Yamuna Krishnamurthy <>

    Yamuna worked on the Java interface for TAO's A/V streaming service with naga. In addition, Yamuna has added a TAO IDL compiler feature to automatically generate servant implementations.

  25. Michael Moran<>

    Michael worked for Washington University as a summer intern adding the Henning and Vinoski examples to TAO.

  26. Sumedh Mungee <>

    As an MS student, Sumedh wrote benchmarking testsuites for JAWS and TAO. His MS project focused on implementing the CORBA Audio/Video Streaming specification using TAO. After completing his MS, Sumedh works for Fujitsu in Silicon Valley.

  27. Balachandran Natarajan <>

    Bala is a full-time staff member at Washington University, where he is integrating CORBA Fault Tolerance features, into TAO. For his master's degree, Bala also worked on the GIOP implementation and a new connection management scheme for TAO.

  28. Carlos O'Ryan <>

    Carlos worked on ACE for several years in his previous job in Santiago, Chile. He got his Ph.D. from UCI working on real-time CORBA and a highly scalable and fault-tolerant version of TAO's real-time Event Channel. He now works for Automated Trading Desk in Charleston, SC.

  29. Ossama Othman <>

    Ossama worked on ACE for his previous job at Cornell. He's now working at Symantec on a variety of topics pertaining to improving ACE and TAO.

  30. Kirthika Parameswaran <>

    Kirthika has worked on a variety of projects related to ACE+TAO. In particular, she's added connection caching to ACE+TAO, she's added support for DLL management to ACE, which she's also applied to demonstrate loading of servants on-demand using TAO's POA Servant Activators and Servant Locators. She also add smart proxies and portable interceptors to TAO. Kirthika now works for Telcordia.

  31. Krishnakumar Pathayapura <>

    Krish was an undergraduate at Washington University who worked on the Telecom Logging Service implementation for TAO.

  32. Irfan Pyarali <>

    Irfan was a Research Associate at Washington University who joined the DOC group from Kodak Health Imaging Systems in 1996. In addition to working as a full-time staff member, he completed his doctoral degree in computer science. Irfan is one of the lead architects of the TAO ORB and has designed and implemented many aspects of the ORB including: (1) the Portable Object Adapter, (2) concurrency strategies, (3) caching network connections, (4) minimizing resource contention, locking, and memory allocations in critical path, (5) subsetting and reducing ORB footprint, (6) object and servant lifecycle management, and (7) strategizing various time/space tradeoffs. Many of Irfan's contributions have been documented in TAO technical papers. In addition, Irfan has developed many aspects of ACE, including (1) porting ACE to Win32, (2) two multi-threaded versions of the Reactor pattern, (3) asynchronous I/O based Proactor pattern, and (4) Malloc utilities that work with transient, persistent, or shared memory.

  33. Marina Spivak <>

    Marina graduated with her MS at Washington University. While at Washington University, she implemented the TAO Naming Service and worked on TAO's Trading Service. Marina's MS thesis work was on the TAO Real-time CORBA implementation.

  34. Nagarajan Surendran <>

    For his masters project, Naga enhanced TAO's Audio/Video Streaming Service. Naga currently works for Sylantro in Campbell, CA.

  35. Nanbor Wang <>

    Nanbor is a researcher at Tech-X Corporation. He received his Doctorate in Computer Science, where his research focused on component-oriented and object-oriented programming for high-performance and real-time distributed object computing. He ported ACE to FreeBSD and improved the quality of ACE on multiple platforms. He also improved various aspects of the TAO ORB Core, such as collocation and shared memory transports. In addition, he working on the TAO CORBA Component Model (CCM) implementation and an XML parser.

  36. Seth Widoff <>

    As an undergrad, Seth contributed many of the image processing algorithms to MedJava. In addition, he developed the Java-based Distributed Object Visualization Environment (DOVE), as well as the Trader Service for TAO. Seth is now a graduate student at CMU.

  37. Torben Worm <>

    Torben was a visiting researcher from Aalborg University and Ericsson in Denmark. He implemented TAO's Concurrency Service during his visit to Washington University.

  38. Weihai Yu <>

    Weihai is a visiting professor from Norway. He's currently working on multimedia research topics related to CORBA and middleware.

  39. Li Zhou <>

    Li is a visiting research at UCI who comes from the National Laboratory for Parallel & Distributed Processing, Changsha, Hunan, 410073, PRC. He's working on adding the OMG Real-time CORBA Scheduling Service to TAO.

ACE+TAO Contributors

We wouldq like to thank the thousands of people who have also contributed to ACE and TAO over the years, including the following:

  1. Everett Anderson <eea1 at cec dot wustl dot edu>
  2. Alexander Babu Arulanthu <alex at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  3. Shawn Atkins <sma1 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  4. Jaiganesh Balasubramanian <jai at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  5. Krishnakumar Balasubramanian <kitty at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  6. Matt Braun <mjb2 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  7. Darrell Brunsch <brunsch at uci dot edu>
  8. Dante J. Cannarozzi <djc2 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  9. Sharath R. Cholleti <sharath at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  10. Chris Cleeland <cleeland at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  11. Angelo Corsaro <corsaro at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  12. Gan Deng <dengg at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  13. Mayur Deshpande <mayur at ics dot uci dot edu>
  14. Eric Ding <qnd1 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  15. George Edwards <g dot edwards at vanderbilt dot edu>
  16. James Edmondson <james.edmondson at shield dot ai>
  17. Sergio Flores-Gaitan <sergio at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  18. Chris Gill <cdgill at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  19. Andrew G. Gilpin <agg1 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  20. Aniruddha Gokhale <a dot gokhale at vanderbilt dot edu>
  21. Priyanka Gontla <pgontla at ociweb dot com>
  22. Pradeep Gore <pradeep at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  23. Matthew P. Hampton <mph2 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  24. Tim Harrison <harrison at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  25. John Heitmann <jwh1 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  26. James Hill <jhill at isis dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  27. Shawn Hannan <hannan at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  28. Don Hinton <dhinton at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  29. Joe Hoffert <joeh at tango dot cs dot wustl dot edu>
  30. James Hu <jxh at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  31. Huang-Ming Huang <hh1 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  32. Frank A. Hunleth <fhunleth at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  33. Prashant Jain <pjain at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  34. Vishal Kachroo <vishal at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  35. Michael Kircher <Michael dot Kircher at mchp dot siemens dot de>
  36. Boris Kolpackov <boris at dre dot isis dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  37. Arvind S. Krishna<arvindk at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  38. Yamuna Krishnamurthy <yamuna at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  39. Fred Kuhns <fredk at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  40. David Levine <levine at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  41. Tao Lu <tao dot lu at vanderbilt dot edu>
  42. Mike Moran <mm4 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  43. Sumedh Mungee <sumedh at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  44. Balachandran Natarajan <bala at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  45. Will Otte <wotte at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  46. Kirthika Parameswaran <kirthika at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  47. Krishnakumar Pathayapura <krish at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  48. Stoyan Paunov <spaunov at isis dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  49. Carlos O'Ryan <coryan at uci dot edu>
  50. Ossama Othman <ossama at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  51. Jeff Parsons <j dot parsons at vanderbilt dot edu>
  52. Irfan Pyarali <irfan at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  53. Lucas Seibert <heynonynony at yahoo dot com>
  54. Diego Sevilla Ruiz <dsevilla at ditec dot um dot es>
  55. Marina Spivak <marina at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  56. Venkita Subramonian <venkita at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  57. Nagarajan Surendran <naga at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  58. Cassia Tatibana <>
  59. Gabriele Trombetti <gabtromb at isis dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  60. Emre Turkay <turkaye at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  61. Nanbor Wang <nanbor at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  62. Seth Widoff <sbw1 at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  63. Jules White <jules at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  64. Torben Worm <tworm at cs dot wustl dot edu>
  65. Ming Xiong <xiongm at isis dot vanderbilt dot edu>
  66. Paul Stephenson <pstephenson at objectspace dot com>
  67. Olaf Kruger <okruger at cssc-melb dot tansu dot com dot au>
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  77. Todd Hoff <thm at ictv dot com>
  78. George <george at truffula dot fp dot trw dot com>
  79. Brad Needham <bneedham at ix dot netcom dot com>
  80. Leslee Xu <lxu at ics dot uci dot edu>
  81. Detlef Becker <Detlef dot Becker at med dot siemens dot de>
  82. Bruce Worden <bruce at betsy dot gps dot caltech dot edu>
  83. Chris Tarr <ctarr at objectspace dot co>
  84. Bill Sears <wsears at world dot std dot com>
  85. Greg Lavender <g dot lavender at isode dot com>
  86. Steve Warwick <sjw at aesthetic dot com>
  87. Mats Sundvall <sundvall at perrier dot embnet dot se>
  88. Andreas Ueltschi <Andreas dot Ueltschi at ska dot com>
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  2387. Milo H. Fields
I would particularly like to thank Paul Stephenson, who worked with me at Ericsson in the early 1990's. Paul devised the recursive Makefile scheme that underlies this distribution and also spent countless hours with me discussing object-oriented techniques for developing communication software frameworks.

Finally, I'd also like to thank Todd Montgomery, fellow heavy metal head, for fulfilling his quest to get ACE to compile with GCC!

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