Release Information for the Component Integrated ACE ORB (CIAO)

This document contains information on the following topics related to the current release of CIAO:

Current Status

  1. The first cut of the new DnC specification implementation, which we call DAnCE is available in this distribution. DAnCE is housed under $CIAO_ROOT . We plan to enhance DAnCE in the next few months. We believe DAnCE will replace existing tool sets in $CIAO_ROOT/tools. There are a few features in $CIAO_ROOT/tools that are missing in the DAnCE implementation. Please see TODO file for more details. We plan to implement them soon and use DAnCE continuously.
  2. The first cut of DAnCE includes two parts: In the new DnC run-time framework we have migrated all the functionalities present in the old CIAO runtime except the Real-Time configuration and Static Configuration, which are developed by Washington University in St. Louis. Currently, the two CIAO runtime co-exist in our source and the component implementation could be used with both framework without much change. (For the change that one has to go through please read this.)

  3. Two operations ciao_preactivate () and ciao_postactivate () have been added to the SessionComponent interface. This implies that component developers have to implement those operations within the executor. We plan to get around this, i.e., users having to implement these two operations, in the next month or so.

  4. Here is a set of updates in the CIDL Compiler.

  5. CIAO doesn't yet support features that help integrating CORBA components with Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).