TAO_CosNotification  2.3.2
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TAO_Notify_Consumer Class Referenceabstract

Astract Base class for wrapping consumer objects that connect to the EventChannel. More...

#include <Consumer.h>

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Public Types

enum  DispatchStatus {
 Status returned from dispatch attempts. More...
typedef TAO_Notify_Refcountable_Guard_T< TAO_Notify_ConsumerPtr
- Public Types inherited from TAO_Notify_Peer
typedef TAO_Notify_Refcountable_Guard_T< TAO_Notify_PeerPtr
- Public Types inherited from ACE_Event_Handler
typedef long Reference_Count

Public Member Functions

 TAO_Notify_Consumer (TAO_Notify_ProxySupplier *proxy)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TAO_Notify_Consumer ()
 Destructor. More...
CORBA::ULong _incr_refcnt (void)
 This method sigantures deliberately match the RefCounting methods required for ESF Proxy. More...
CORBA::ULong _decr_refcnt (void)
TAO_Notify_ProxySupplierproxy_supplier (void)
 Access Specific Proxy. More...
virtual TAO_Notify_Proxyproxy (void)
 Access Base Proxy. More...
void deliver (TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event *request)
 Dispatch Event to consumer. More...
virtual void push (const CORBA::Any &event)=0
 Push event to this consumer. More...
virtual void push (const CosNotification::StructuredEvent &event)=0
 Push event to this consumer. More...
virtual void push (const CosNotification::EventBatch &event)=0
 Push a batch of events to this consumer. More...
DispatchStatus dispatch_batch (const CosNotification::EventBatch &batch)
 Dispatch the batch of events to the attached consumer. More...
void dispatch_pending (void)
 Dispatch the pending events. More...
CORBA::Boolean is_suspended (void)
 Is the connection suspended? More...
void suspend (void)
 Suspend Connection. More...
void resume (void)
 Resume Connection. More...
virtual void shutdown (void)
 Shutdown the consumer. More...
virtual void reconnect_from_consumer (TAO_Notify_Consumer *old_consumer)=0
virtual void qos_changed (const TAO_Notify_QoSProperties &qos_properties)
 Override, Peer::qos_changed. More...
void assume_pending_events (TAO_Notify_Consumer &rhs)
bool is_alive (bool allow_nil_consumer)
 Is the connected consumer still around? More...
size_t pending_count (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_Notify_Peer
 TAO_Notify_Peer (void)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TAO_Notify_Peer ()
 Destructor. More...
CORBA::ULong _incr_refcnt (void)
CORBA::ULong _decr_refcnt (void)
virtual void dispatch_updates (const TAO_Notify_EventTypeSeq &added, const TAO_Notify_EventTypeSeq &removed)
void handle_dispatch_exception (void)
 Handle dispatch exceptions. More...
virtual ACE_CString get_ior (void) const =0
 Retrieve the ior of this peer. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACE_Event_Handler
virtual ~ACE_Event_Handler (void)
virtual ACE_HANDLE get_handle (void) const
virtual void set_handle (ACE_HANDLE)
virtual int priority (void) const
virtual void priority (int priority)
virtual int handle_input (ACE_HANDLE fd=ACE_INVALID_HANDLE)
virtual int handle_output (ACE_HANDLE fd=ACE_INVALID_HANDLE)
virtual int handle_exception (ACE_HANDLE fd=ACE_INVALID_HANDLE)
virtual int handle_exit (ACE_Process *)
virtual int handle_close (ACE_HANDLE handle, ACE_Reactor_Mask close_mask)
virtual int handle_signal (int signum, siginfo_t *=0, ucontext_t *=0)
virtual int resume_handler (void)
virtual int handle_qos (ACE_HANDLE=ACE_INVALID_HANDLE)
virtual int handle_group_qos (ACE_HANDLE=ACE_INVALID_HANDLE)
virtual void reactor (ACE_Reactor *reactor)
virtual ACE_Reactorreactor (void) const
virtual ACE_Reactor_Timer_Interfacereactor_timer_interface (void) const
virtual Reference_Count add_reference (void)
virtual Reference_Count remove_reference (void)
Reference_Counting_Policyreference_counting_policy (void)

Protected Types

typedef ACE_Unbounded_Queue< TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event_Queueable * > Request_Queue
- Protected Types inherited from ACE_Event_Handler
typedef ACE_Atomic_Op< ACE_SYNCH_MUTEX, Reference_CountAtomic_Reference_Count

Protected Member Functions

virtual CORBA::Object_ptr get_consumer (void)=0
DispatchStatus dispatch_request (TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event *request)
virtual bool dispatch_from_queue (Request_Queue &requests, ACE_Guard< TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX > &ace_mon)
 Attempt to dispatch event from a queue. More...
void enqueue_request (TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event *request)
virtual bool enqueue_if_necessary (TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event *request)
virtual void dispatch_updates_i (const CosNotification::EventTypeSeq &added, const CosNotification::EventTypeSeq &removed)
 Implementation of Peer specific dispatch_updates. More...
TAO_SYNCH_MUTEXproxy_lock (void)
 Get the shared Proxy Lock. More...
virtual int handle_timeout (const ACE_Time_Value &current_time, const void *act=0)
void schedule_timer (bool is_error=false)
 Schedule timer. More...
void cancel_timer (void)
 Cancel timer. More...
Request_Queuepending_events ()
 = Protected Data Members More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ACE_Event_Handler
 ACE_Event_Handler (ACE_Reactor *=0, int priority=ACE_Event_Handler::LO_PRIORITY)

Protected Attributes

 The Proxy that we associate with. More...
CORBA::Boolean is_suspended_
 Suspended Flag. More...
CosNotifyComm::NotifyPublish_var publish_
 Interface that accepts offer_changes. More...
bool have_not_yet_verified_publish_
const TAO_Notify_Property_Timepacing_
 The Pacing Interval. More...
TAO_Notify_Property_Long max_batch_size_
 Max. batch size. More...
long timer_id_
 Timer Id. More...
TAO_Notify_Timer::Ptr timer_
 The Timer Manager that we use. More...
ACE_Atomic_Op< TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX, ACE_Time_Valuelast_ping_
- Protected Attributes inherited from ACE_Event_Handler
Atomic_Reference_Count reference_count_

Private Attributes

ACE_Auto_Ptr< Request_Queuepending_events_
 Events pending to be delivered. More...
CORBA::Object_var rtt_obj_

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ACE_Event_Handler
static ACE_THR_FUNC_RETURN read_adapter (void *event_handler)
static int register_stdin_handler (ACE_Event_Handler *eh, ACE_Reactor *reactor, ACE_Thread_Manager *thr_mgr, int flags=THR_DETACHED)
static int remove_stdin_handler (ACE_Reactor *reactor, ACE_Thread_Manager *thr_mgr)
- Public Attributes inherited from ACE_Event_Handler

Detailed Description

Astract Base class for wrapping consumer objects that connect to the EventChannel.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Enumeration Documentation

Status returned from dispatch attempts.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Notify_Consumer::TAO_Notify_Consumer ( TAO_Notify_ProxySupplier proxy)


TAO_Notify_Consumer::~TAO_Notify_Consumer ( )


Member Function Documentation

CORBA::ULong TAO_Notify_Consumer::_decr_refcnt ( void  )
CORBA::ULong TAO_Notify_Consumer::_incr_refcnt ( void  )

This method sigantures deliberately match the RefCounting methods required for ESF Proxy.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::assume_pending_events ( TAO_Notify_Consumer rhs)

Take the pending queue from the rhs, cancel it's timer and schedule our timer. The caller should have locked the proxy lock before calling this method.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::cancel_timer ( void  )

Cancel timer.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::deliver ( TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event request)

Dispatch Event to consumer.

TAO_Notify_Consumer::DispatchStatus TAO_Notify_Consumer::dispatch_batch ( const CosNotification::EventBatch batch)

Dispatch the batch of events to the attached consumer.

bool TAO_Notify_Consumer::dispatch_from_queue ( Request_Queue requests,
ACE_Guard< TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX > &  ace_mon 

Attempt to dispatch event from a queue.

Called by dispatch_pending. Deliver one or more events to the Consumer. If delivery fails, events are left in the queue (or discarded depending on QoS parameters.) Undelivered, undiscarded requests are left at the front of the queue. Overridden in sequence consumer to dispatch as an EventBatch.

false if delivery failed and the request(s) cannot be discarded.

Reimplemented in TAO_Notify_SequencePushConsumer.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::dispatch_pending ( void  )

Dispatch the pending events.

TAO_Notify_Consumer::DispatchStatus TAO_Notify_Consumer::dispatch_request ( TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event request)
void TAO_Notify_Consumer::dispatch_updates_i ( const CosNotification::EventTypeSeq added,
const CosNotification::EventTypeSeq removed 

Implementation of Peer specific dispatch_updates.

Implements TAO_Notify_Peer.

bool TAO_Notify_Consumer::enqueue_if_necessary ( TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event request)

Add request to a queue if necessary. Overridden by sequence consumer to "always" put incoming events into the queue.

true the request has been enqueued; false the request should be handled now.

Reimplemented in TAO_Notify_SequencePushConsumer.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::enqueue_request ( TAO_Notify_Method_Request_Event request)
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr TAO_Notify_Consumer::get_consumer ( void  )
protectedpure virtual

This method is called by the is_alive() method. It should provide the connected consumer or nil if there is none.

Implemented in TAO_Notify_SequencePushConsumer, TAO_Notify_StructuredPushConsumer, and TAO_Notify_PushConsumer.

int TAO_Notify_Consumer::handle_timeout ( const ACE_Time_Value current_time,
const void *  act = 0 

Reimplemented from ACE_Event_Handler.

bool TAO_Notify_Consumer::is_alive ( bool  allow_nil_consumer)

Is the connected consumer still around?

CORBA::Boolean TAO_Notify_Consumer::is_suspended ( void  )

Is the connection suspended?

size_t TAO_Notify_Consumer::pending_count ( void  )

Estimate how many events are pending delivery for this consumer

The estimate does not include events queued at the admin level which have not been passed to this consumer for delivery yet.

TAO_Notify_Consumer::Request_Queue & TAO_Notify_Consumer::pending_events ( )

= Protected Data Members

TAO_Notify_Proxy * TAO_Notify_Consumer::proxy ( void  )

Access Base Proxy.

Implements TAO_Notify_Peer.

TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX * TAO_Notify_Consumer::proxy_lock ( void  )

Get the shared Proxy Lock.

TAO_Notify_ProxySupplier * TAO_Notify_Consumer::proxy_supplier ( void  )

Access Specific Proxy.

virtual void TAO_Notify_Consumer::push ( const CORBA::Any &  event)
pure virtual
virtual void TAO_Notify_Consumer::push ( const CosNotification::StructuredEvent event)
pure virtual
virtual void TAO_Notify_Consumer::push ( const CosNotification::EventBatch event)
pure virtual

Push a batch of events to this consumer.

Implemented in TAO_Notify_SequencePushConsumer, TAO_Notify_StructuredPushConsumer, and TAO_Notify_PushConsumer.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::qos_changed ( const TAO_Notify_QoSProperties qos_properties)

Override, Peer::qos_changed.

Reimplemented from TAO_Notify_Peer.

virtual void TAO_Notify_Consumer::reconnect_from_consumer ( TAO_Notify_Consumer old_consumer)
pure virtual

On reconnect we need to move events from the old consumer to the new one

Implemented in TAO_Notify_SequencePushConsumer, TAO_Notify_StructuredPushConsumer, and TAO_Notify_PushConsumer.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::resume ( void  )

Resume Connection.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::schedule_timer ( bool  is_error = false)

Schedule timer.


: rather than is_error, use pacing interval so it will be configurable

: find some way to use batch buffering stratgy for sequence consumers.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::shutdown ( void  )

Shutdown the consumer.

Reimplemented from TAO_Notify_Peer.

void TAO_Notify_Consumer::suspend ( void  )

Suspend Connection.

Member Data Documentation

bool TAO_Notify_Consumer::have_not_yet_verified_publish_
CORBA::Boolean TAO_Notify_Consumer::is_suspended_

Suspended Flag.

ACE_Atomic_Op<TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX, ACE_Time_Value> TAO_Notify_Consumer::last_ping_

Last time either push an event or validate connection via _non_exist call.

TAO_Notify_Property_Long TAO_Notify_Consumer::max_batch_size_

Max. batch size.

const TAO_Notify_Property_Time& TAO_Notify_Consumer::pacing_

The Pacing Interval.

ACE_Auto_Ptr< Request_Queue > TAO_Notify_Consumer::pending_events_

Events pending to be delivered.

TAO_Notify_ProxySupplier* TAO_Notify_Consumer::proxy_

The Proxy that we associate with.

CosNotifyComm::NotifyPublish_var TAO_Notify_Consumer::publish_

Interface that accepts offer_changes.

CORBA::Object_var TAO_Notify_Consumer::rtt_obj_
TAO_Notify_Timer::Ptr TAO_Notify_Consumer::timer_

The Timer Manager that we use.

long TAO_Notify_Consumer::timer_id_

Timer Id.

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