TAO_PortableGroup  2.2.5
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCTypeConflictTAO Specific: TypeConfict exception
|oNto_boolean >
|oNto_char >
|oNto_octet >
|oNto_wchar >
|oNAny >
|oNChar * >
|oNDouble >
|oNFloat >
|oNLong >
|oNLongDouble >
|oNLongLong >
|oNObject >
|oNShort >
|oNTypeCode >
|oNULong >
|oNULongLong >
|oNUShort >
|oNWChar * >
|oNstring >
|\Nwstring >
|oCFragments_Cleanup_StrategyThe base class for all cleanup strategies
|oCTime_Bound_Fragments_Cleanup_StrategyCleanup if a message cannot reassemble for a long time
|oCNumber_Bound_Fragments_Cleanup_StrategyCleanup if there are too many messages cannot reassemble
|oCMemory_Bound_Fragments_Cleanup_StrategyCleanup if non-reassembled messages take too much memory
|oCUIPMC_Recv_Packet_Cleanup_GuardA guard that will cleanup broken/expired packets
|\CUIPMC_Recv_PacketA MIOP packet for receiving
| \CFragmentFragments
oCPortableGroup_Request_DispatcherA class that strategizes the request dispatching procedure
oCTAO_GOAImplementation of the PortableGroup::GOA interface
oCTAO_GroupId_Equal_ToHashing class for Group Ids
oCTAO_GroupId_HashHashing class for Group Ids
oCTAO_MIOP_Resource_FactoryTAO's MIOP resource factory
oCTAO_PG_Default_Property_ValidatorDefault property validator implementation
oCTAO_PG_Factory_NodeStructure that contains all factory-specific information
oCTAO_PG_GenericFactoryPortableGroup::GenericFactory implementation used by the load balancer when creating object groups
oCTAO_PG_Group_GuardGuard implementation used to make object group cleanup exception-safe
oCTAO_PG_Location_Equal_To"Equal_To" function object that determines if two location names are the same
oCTAO_PG_Location_HashHash function object for generating a hash for a Location
oCTAO_PG_MemberInfoStructure that contains all member-specific information
oCTAO_PG_Null_Property_ValidatorNo-op property validator
oCTAO_PG_ObjectGroup_Map_EntryValue field of the ObjectGroup map
oCTAO_PG_ObjectGroupManagerPortableGroup::ObjectGroupManager implementation
oCTAO_PG_PropertyManagerClass that implements the PortableGroup::PropertyManager interface
oCTAO_PG_Servant_DispatcherConcrete instantiation of the Servant_Dispatcher strategy
oCTAO_Portable_Group_MapMap of GroupIds to ObjectKeys
|\CMap_EntryValue field of the portable group map
oCTAO_PortableGroup_Acceptor_RegistryThere is one TAO_PortableGroup_Acceptor_Registry per ORB_Core
|\CEntryValue field of the portable group acceptor registry
oCTAO_PortableGroup_ORBInitializerPortableGroup ORB initializer
oCTAO_UIPMC_Connection_HandlerHandles requests on a single connection
oCTAO_UIPMC_ConnectorUIPMC-specific Connector bridge for pluggable protocols
oCTAO_UIPMC_Mcast_Connection_HandlerHandles requests on a single connection
oCTAO_UIPMC_Mcast_TransportSpecialization of the base TAO_Transport class to handle the server side MIOP protocol
oCTAO_UIPMC_ProfileThis class defines the protocol specific attributes required for locating ORBs over a TCP/IP network
oCTAO_UIPMC_TransportSpecialization of the base TAO_Transport class to handle the client side MIOP protocol
oCTAO_UIPMC_Wait_NeverSince two-ways are not supported by UIPMC and more generally, anything that requires waiting isn't supported, so return error if anyone tries to do this
\CUIPMC_Message_Block_Data_IteratorThis is a help class for iterating through ACE_Message_Blocks and to segment them into MIOP packets