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CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushSupplier Interface Reference

Defines the interface provided for push-style consumers using the 'batched' event format. More...

import "CosNotifyChannelAdmin.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void connect_sequence_push_consumer (in CosNotifyComm::SequencePushConsumer push_consumer) raises (CosEventChannelAdmin::AlreadyConnected, CosEventChannelAdmin::TypeError )
 Connect a consumer to the proxy.
void suspend_connection () raises (ConnectionAlreadyInactive, NotConnected)
void resume_connection () raises (ConnectionAlreadyActive, NotConnected)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxySupplier
CosNotification::EventTypeSeq obtain_offered_types (in ObtainInfoMode mode)
void validate_event_qos (in CosNotification::QoSProperties required_qos, out CosNotification::NamedPropertyRangeSeq available_qos) raises (CosNotification::UnsupportedQoS)
 Validate a list of QoS properties for an event.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CosNotification::QoSAdmin
QoSProperties get_qos ()
 Get the current QoS properties.
void set_qos (in QoSProperties qos) raises ( UnsupportedQoS )
 Set the QoS properties.
void validate_qos (in QoSProperties required_qos, out NamedPropertyRangeSeq available_qos) raises ( UnsupportedQoS )
 Validate a set of QoS properties.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CosNotifyFilter::FilterAdmin
FilterID add_filter (in Filter new_filter)
 Add a filter.
void remove_filter (in FilterID filter) raises ( FilterNotFound )
 Remove a filter.
Filter get_filter (in FilterID filter) raises ( FilterNotFound )
 Get a filter.
FilterIDSeq get_all_filters ()
 Get the IDs of all the filters.
void remove_all_filters ()
 Remove all the filters from this component.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CosNotifyComm::SequencePushSupplier
void disconnect_sequence_push_supplier ()
 The peer has disconnected.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CosNotifyComm::NotifySubscribe
void subscription_change (in CosNotification::EventTypeSeq added, in CosNotification::EventTypeSeq removed) raises ( InvalidEventType )
 Report a change in the list of subscriptions.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxySupplier
readonly attribute ProxyType MyType
 The style and event format for this proxy.
readonly attribute ConsumerAdmin MyAdmin
 The ConsumerAdmin this proxy belongs to.

Detailed Description

Defines the interface provided for push-style consumers using the 'batched' event format.

Member Function Documentation

void CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushSupplier::connect_sequence_push_consumer ( in CosNotifyComm::SequencePushConsumer  push_consumer) raises (CosEventChannelAdmin::AlreadyConnected, CosEventChannelAdmin::TypeError )

Connect a consumer to the proxy.

The event channel will not push events to the consumer until this operation is invoked.

push_consumerthe callback object used to push events to the application and inform if the event channel is destroyed
CORBA::BAD_PARAMif the push_consumer argument is nil
CosEventChannelAdmin::AlreadyConnectedif the proxy is already connected, i.e. if this operation is invoked more than one time.
void CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushSupplier::resume_connection ( ) raises (ConnectionAlreadyActive, NotConnected)

Resume the connection, the event channel will start pushing events to the consumer once more

ConnectionAlreadyActiveif the method is invoked while the connection is active
NotConnectedif the method is invoked before the supplier connects
void CosNotifyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushSupplier::suspend_connection ( ) raises (ConnectionAlreadyInactive, NotConnected)

Suspend the connection, the event channel will stop pushing events to the consumer.

ConnectionAlreadyInactiveif the method is invoked while the connection is suspended
NotConnectedif the method is invoked before the supplier connects

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