UDP.h File Reference

#include "orbsvcs/AV/Protocol_Factory.h"
#include "ace/Service_Config.h"
#include "orbsvcs/AV/UDP.inl"


class  TAO_AV_UDP_Factory
class  TAO_AV_UDP_Transport
 A transport abstraction for udp sockets. Uses the ACE_SOCK_Dgram to send the data. More...
class  TAO_AV_UDP_Flow_Handler
 Flow Handler for UDP flows. More...
class  TAO_AV_UDP_Acceptor
class  TAO_AV_UDP_Connector
class  TAO_AV_UDP_Connection_Setup
 This class is a helper for the TAO_AV_UDP_Acceptor and TAO_AV_UDP_Connector. It basically just reduces duplicate code. It takes the address of the peer in the connection, whether or not it is a multicast connection, and whether it is a connector or acceptor; and creates the local address and flow handler associated with the connection. More...
class  TAO_AV_UDP_Object
 TAO_AV_Protocol_Object for the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) More...
class  TAO_AV_UDP_Flow_Factory

Detailed Description

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