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AVStreams::FlowEndPoint Interface Reference

import "AVStreams.idl";

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Public Member Functions

boolean lock ()
void unlock ()
void stop ()
void start ()
void destroy ()
FlowEndPoint get_connected_fep () raises (notConnected,AVStreams::notSupported)
boolean use_flow_protocol (in string fp_name, in any fp_settings) raises (AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::notSupported)
 syntax of fp_name is <flowProtocol>
void set_format (in string format) raises (AVStreams::notSupported)
void set_dev_params (in CosPropertyService::Properties new_settings) raises (PropertyException, AVStreams::streamOpFailed)
void set_protocol_restriction (in AVStreams::protocolSpec the_spec) raises (AVStreams::notSupported)
boolean is_fep_compatible (in FlowEndPoint fep) raises (formatMismatch, deviceQosMismatch)
boolean set_peer (in FlowConnection the_fc, in FlowEndPoint the_peer_fep, inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos) raises (AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed, AVStreams::streamOpFailed)
boolean set_Mcast_peer (in FlowConnection the_fc, in AVStreams::MCastConfigIf a_mcastconfigif, inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos) raises (AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
boolean connect_to_peer (inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos, in string address, in string use_flow_protocol) raises (failedToConnect,AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
string go_to_listen (inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos, in boolean is_mcast, in FlowEndPoint peer, inout string flowProtocol) raises (failedToListen, AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)

Public Attributes

attribute AVStreams::StreamEndPoint related_sep
 Default is a nil object reference.
attribute FlowConnection related_flow_connection

Member Function Documentation

boolean AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::connect_to_peer ( inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos,
in string  address,
in string  use_flow_protocol 
) raises (failedToConnect,AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
void AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::destroy (  )
FlowEndPoint AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::get_connected_fep (  ) raises (notConnected,AVStreams::notSupported)
string AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::go_to_listen ( inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos,
in boolean  is_mcast,
in FlowEndPoint  peer,
inout string  flowProtocol 
) raises (failedToListen, AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)

Needs to know its peer to choose its protocol correctly Also to ask for a reverse channel for credit-based flow control, if one is required

boolean AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::is_fep_compatible ( in FlowEndPoint  fep ) raises (formatMismatch, deviceQosMismatch)
boolean AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::lock (  )
void AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::set_dev_params ( in CosPropertyService::Properties  new_settings ) raises (PropertyException, AVStreams::streamOpFailed)
void AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::set_format ( in string  format ) raises (AVStreams::notSupported)

set_format() initializes format as current media format e.g. MPEG.

boolean AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::set_Mcast_peer ( in FlowConnection  the_fc,
in AVStreams::MCastConfigIf  a_mcastconfigif,
inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos 
) raises (AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
boolean AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::set_peer ( in FlowConnection  the_fc,
in FlowEndPoint  the_peer_fep,
inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos 
) raises (AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed, AVStreams::streamOpFailed)
void AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::set_protocol_restriction ( in AVStreams::protocolSpec  the_spec ) raises (AVStreams::notSupported)
void AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::start (  )
void AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::stop (  )
void AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::unlock (  )
boolean AVStreams::FlowEndPoint::use_flow_protocol ( in string  fp_name,
in any  fp_settings 
) raises (AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::notSupported)

syntax of fp_name is <flowProtocol>

Member Data Documentation

Default is a nil object reference.

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