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AVStreams::FlowConnection Interface Reference

import "AVStreams.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void stop ()
void start ()
void destroy ()
boolean modify_QoS (inout AVStreams::QoS new_qos) raises (AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
boolean use_flow_protocol (in string fp_name, in any fp_settings) raises (AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::notSupported)
oneway void push_event (in AVStreams::streamEvent the_event)
boolean connect_devs (in FDev a_party, in FDev b_party, inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos) raises (AVStreams::streamOpFailed, AVStreams::streamOpDenied, AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
boolean connect (in FlowProducer flow_producer, in FlowConsumer flow_consumer, inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos) raises (formatMismatch, FEPMismatch, alreadyConnected)
boolean disconnect ()
boolean add_producer (in FlowProducer flow_producer, inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos) raises (alreadyConnected, AVStreams::notSupported)
boolean add_consumer (in FlowConsumer flow_consumer, inout AVStreams::QoS the_qos) raises (alreadyConnected)
boolean drop (in FlowEndPoint target) raises (notConnected)

Member Function Documentation

boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::add_consumer ( in FlowConsumer  flow_consumer,
inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos 
) raises (alreadyConnected)
boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::add_producer ( in FlowProducer  flow_producer,
inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos 
) raises (alreadyConnected, AVStreams::notSupported)
boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::connect ( in FlowProducer  flow_producer,
in FlowConsumer  flow_consumer,
inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos 
) raises (formatMismatch, FEPMismatch, alreadyConnected)
boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::connect_devs ( in FDev  a_party,
in FDev  b_party,
inout AVStreams::QoS  the_qos 
) raises (AVStreams::streamOpFailed, AVStreams::streamOpDenied, AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
void AVStreams::FlowConnection::destroy (  )
boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::disconnect (  )
boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::drop ( in FlowEndPoint  target ) raises (notConnected)
boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::modify_QoS ( inout AVStreams::QoS  new_qos ) raises (AVStreams::QoSRequestFailed)
oneway void AVStreams::FlowConnection::push_event ( in AVStreams::streamEvent  the_event )
void AVStreams::FlowConnection::start (  )
void AVStreams::FlowConnection::stop (  )
boolean AVStreams::FlowConnection::use_flow_protocol ( in string  fp_name,
in any  fp_settings 
) raises (AVStreams::FPError, AVStreams::notSupported)

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