TAO_Service_Context_Registry Class Reference

#include <Service_Context_Handler_Registry.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~TAO_Service_Context_Registry (void)
int bind (IOP::ServiceId id, TAO_Service_Context_Handler *handler)
TAO_Service_Context_Handleroperator[] (IOP::ServiceId id)
int process_service_contexts (IOP::ServiceContextList &sc, TAO_Transport &transport)
int generate_service_context (TAO_Stub *stub, TAO_Transport &transport, TAO_Operation_Details &opdetails, TAO_Target_Specification &spec, TAO_OutputCDR &msg)

Private Types

typedef ACE_Array_Map
< IOP::ServiceId,
TAO_Service_Context_Handler * > 
typedef Table::key_type key_type
typedef Table::data_type data_type
typedef Table::value_type value_type
typedef Table::size_type size_type
typedef value_typeiterator

Private Attributes

Table registry_

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Service_Context_Registry::~TAO_Service_Context_Registry ( void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

int TAO_Service_Context_Registry::bind ( IOP::ServiceId  id,
TAO_Service_Context_Handler handler 

Bind a new entry in the registry

int TAO_Service_Context_Registry::generate_service_context ( TAO_Stub stub,
TAO_Transport transport,
TAO_Operation_Details opdetails,
TAO_Target_Specification spec,
TAO_OutputCDR msg 

TAO_Service_Context_Handler * TAO_Service_Context_Registry::operator[] ( IOP::ServiceId  id  ) 

Retrieve the entry related to id

int TAO_Service_Context_Registry::process_service_contexts ( IOP::ServiceContextList &  sc,
TAO_Transport transport 

Member Data Documentation

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