ACE_Utils::UUID Class Reference

#include <UUID.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UUID (void)
 UUID (const ACE_CString &uuidString)
 Constructs a UUID from a string representation.
 UUID (const UUID &right)
 ~UUID (void)
ACE_UINT32 time_low (void) const
 Data Members for Class Attributes.
void time_low (ACE_UINT32)
ACE_UINT16 time_mid (void) const
void time_mid (ACE_UINT16)
ACE_UINT16 time_hi_and_version (void) const
void time_hi_and_version (ACE_UINT16)
u_char clock_seq_hi_and_reserved (void) const
void clock_seq_hi_and_reserved (u_char)
u_char clock_seq_low (void) const
void clock_seq_low (u_char)
UUID_Nodenode (void)
const UUID_Nodenode (void) const
void node (const UUID_Node *)
ACE_CStringthr_id (void)
void thr_id (char *)
ACE_CStringpid (void)
void pid (char *)
const ACE_CStringto_string (void) const
 Returns a string representation of the UUID.
void from_string (const ACE_CString &uuid_string)
 Set the value using a string.
bool operator== (const UUID &right) const
 Equality Operations.
bool operator!= (const UUID &right) const
const UUIDoperator= (const UUID &rhs)
 Relational Operations.

Static Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

void from_string_i (const ACE_CString &uuid_string)

Private Attributes

ACE_UINT32 time_low_
 Data Members for Class Attributes.
ACE_UINT16 time_mid_
ACE_UINT16 time_hi_and_version_
u_char clock_seq_hi_and_reserved_
u_char clock_seq_low_
UUID_Node node_
ACE_CString thr_id_
ACE_CString pid_
ACE_Auto_Ptr< ACE_CStringas_string_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Utils::UUID::UUID ( void   ) 


Construct a nil UUID. Such a UUID has every one of it's data elements set to zero.

ACE_Utils::UUID::UUID ( const ACE_CString uuidString  ) 

Constructs a UUID from a string representation.

Construct a UUID from a string representation of an UUID.

ACE_Utils::UUID::UUID ( const UUID right  ) 

ACE_Utils::UUID::~UUID ( void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_Utils::UUID::clock_seq_hi_and_reserved ( u_char  clock_seq_hi_and_reserved  ) 

u_char ACE_Utils::UUID::clock_seq_hi_and_reserved ( void   )  const

void ACE_Utils::UUID::clock_seq_low ( u_char  clock_seq_low  ) 

u_char ACE_Utils::UUID::clock_seq_low ( void   )  const

void ACE_Utils::UUID::from_string ( const ACE_CString uuid_string  ) 

Set the value using a string.

void ACE_Utils::UUID::from_string_i ( const ACE_CString uuid_string  )  [private]

Helper method to convert from a string UUID.

[in] uuid_string String version of UUID.

Special case for the nil UUID.

Support versions 1, 3, and 4 only

void ACE_Utils::UUID::node ( const UUID_Node node  ) 

const UUID_Node * ACE_Utils::UUID::node ( void   )  const

UUID_Node * ACE_Utils::UUID::node ( void   ) 

bool ACE_Utils::UUID::operator!= ( const UUID right  )  const

const UUID & ACE_Utils::UUID::operator= ( const UUID rhs  ) 

Relational Operations.

Assign an existing UUID to this UUID.

bool ACE_Utils::UUID::operator== ( const UUID right  )  const

Equality Operations.

void ACE_Utils::UUID::pid ( char *  pid  ) 

ACE_CString * ACE_Utils::UUID::pid ( void   ) 

void ACE_Utils::UUID::thr_id ( char *  thr_id  ) 

ACE_CString * ACE_Utils::UUID::thr_id ( void   ) 

void ACE_Utils::UUID::time_hi_and_version ( ACE_UINT16  time_hi_and_version  ) 

ACE_UINT16 ACE_Utils::UUID::time_hi_and_version ( void   )  const

void ACE_Utils::UUID::time_low ( ACE_UINT32  timelow  ) 

ACE_UINT32 ACE_Utils::UUID::time_low ( void   )  const

Data Members for Class Attributes.

void ACE_Utils::UUID::time_mid ( ACE_UINT16  time_mid  ) 

ACE_UINT16 ACE_Utils::UUID::time_mid ( void   )  const

const ACE_CString * ACE_Utils::UUID::to_string ( void   )  const

Returns a string representation of the UUID.

Only compute the string representation once.

Member Data Documentation

The string representation of the UUID. This is created and updated only on demand.

ACE_UINT32 ACE_Utils::UUID::time_low_ [private]

Data Members for Class Attributes.

ACE_UINT16 ACE_Utils::UUID::time_mid_ [private]

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