ACE_Utils::UUID_Node Class Reference

Class to hold a MAC address. More...

#include <UUID.h>

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Public Types

enum  { NODE_ID_SIZE = 6 }
 Size of the node in bytes. More...
typedef u_char Node_ID [NODE_ID_SIZE]
 Type definition of the node.

Public Member Functions

 UUID_Node (void)
 Default constructor.
 UUID_Node (const UUID_Node &node)
Node_IDnode_ID (void)
const Node_IDnode_ID (void) const
void node_ID (Node_ID &)
bool operator== (const UUID_Node &right) const
bool operator!= (const UUID_Node &right) const
const UUID_Nodeoperator= (const UUID_Node &rhs)
 Assign the value of an existing node id to this object.

Private Attributes

Node_ID node_ID_
 The value of the node id.

Detailed Description

Class to hold a MAC address.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef u_char ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::Node_ID[NODE_ID_SIZE]

Type definition of the node.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Size of the node in bytes.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::UUID_Node ( void   ) 

Default constructor.

ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::UUID_Node ( const UUID_Node node  ) 

Copy constructor.

[in] node Source node.

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::node_ID ( Node_ID node_ID  ) 

const UUID_Node::Node_ID & ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::node_ID ( void   )  const

UUID_Node::Node_ID & ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::node_ID ( void   ) 

bool ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::operator!= ( const UUID_Node right  )  const

const UUID_Node & ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::operator= ( const UUID_Node rhs  ) 

Assign the value of an existing node id to this object.

bool ACE_Utils::UUID_Node::operator== ( const UUID_Node right  )  const

Member Data Documentation

The value of the node id.

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