ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin Class Reference

#include <Monitor_Admin.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Monitor_Admin (void)
 ~Monitor_Admin (void)
bool monitor_point (Monitor_Base *monitor_point, const ACE_Time_Value &time)
Monitor_Basemonitor_point (const char *name)
void auto_query (ACE_Event_Handler *handler, Monitor_Query *query, const ACE_Time_Value &time)
void reactor (ACE_Reactor *new_reactor)
ACE_Reactorreactor (void) const

Private Attributes

Monitor_Point_Auto_Updater auto_updater_
bool default_reactor_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin::Monitor_Admin ( void   ) 

ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin::~Monitor_Admin ( void   ) 

Destroys the timers associated with our event handler before its destructor is called.

We access the registry through ACE_Singleton, which doesn't call the destructor, so we call this method to do a remove_ref() on all monitor points left in the registry. which needs to be done before the registry goes away.

Member Function Documentation

bool ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin::monitor_point ( Monitor_Base monitor_point,
const ACE_Time_Value time 

Add or access monitor points in a global registry If the ACE_Time_Value arg is non-zero, the monitor point, the auto updater member, and the given time interval are passed to our reactor's register_timeout() method.

This call checks for a null monitor_point.

Monitor_Base * ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin::monitor_point ( const char *  name  ) 

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin::auto_query ( ACE_Event_Handler handler,
Monitor_Query *  query,
const ACE_Time_Value time 

Works similarly to monitor_point() above, but registers the handler arg's handle_timeout() method with the reactor, instead of our auto_updater_'s handle_timeout().

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin::reactor ( ACE_Reactor new_reactor  ) 

This mutator allows the application to create its own reactor and substitute it for the default reactor.

ACE_Reactor * ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Admin::reactor ( void   )  const

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