RtecEventComm.idl File Reference

Define the RtecEventComm module. More...

#include "TimeBase.idl"
import "RtecDefaultEventData.idl";

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namespace  RtecEventComm


struct  RtecEventComm::EventHeader
 Define the structure of an event header. More...
struct  RtecEventComm::Event
 The basic events delivered by the Event Service. More...
interface  RtecEventComm::PushConsumer
 Define the interface used by consumers to receive events. More...
interface  RtecEventComm::PushSupplier
 Defines the interface used by suppliers to receive callbacks from the Event Channel. More...


typedef RtecEventData RtecEventComm::EventData
 The event data.
typedef TimeBase::TimeT RtecEventComm::Time
 Shortcut for the time structures.
typedef long RtecEventComm::EventSourceID
typedef long RtecEventComm::_EventType
typedef sequence< Event > RtecEventComm::EventSet
 The real argument to the push() operations.

Detailed Description

Define the RtecEventComm module.

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TAO's Real-time Event Service is described in:


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