RtecEventData Struct Reference

User defined Event Data. More...

import "RtecDefaultEventData.idl";

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Public Attributes

long pad1
 Add padding to align the octet sequence contents.
EventPayload payload
 Octet sequence payload.
any any_value
 Use a CORBA any type as payload.

Detailed Description

User defined Event Data.

This structure defines the default payload in TAO's Real-time Event Service.

Users wanting maximum flexibility can use an Any, users that only have one type of event may use structures, other users may preffer union, trying to strike a balance between performance and flexibility. Users willing to implement their own marshalling may use a sequence of octets.

The Event Service is completely transparent as to the contents of this structure.

Member Data Documentation

any RtecEventData::any_value

Use a CORBA any type as payload.

long RtecEventData::pad1

Add padding to align the octet sequence contents.

This fields ensures that the contents of the octet sequence following are always aligned to an 8-byte boundary. Such alignment allows application developers to implement custom demarshaling from the octet sequence without requiring any data copies.

This is how this works:

EventPayload RtecEventData::payload

Octet sequence payload.

This is the payload used more often by high-performance applications.

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