TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching Class Reference

Dispatching strategy that minimizes priority inversion. More...

#include <EC_Kokyu_Dispatching.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching (TAO_EC_Event_Channel_Base *ec, int sched_policy, int sched_scope)
virtual void activate (void)
virtual void shutdown (void)
virtual void push (TAO_EC_ProxyPushSupplier *proxy, RtecEventComm::PushConsumer_ptr consumer, const RtecEventComm::EventSet &event, TAO_EC_QOS_Info &qos_info ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL)
virtual void push_nocopy (TAO_EC_ProxyPushSupplier *proxy, RtecEventComm::PushConsumer_ptr consumer, RtecEventComm::EventSet &event, TAO_EC_QOS_Info &qos_info ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL)

Private Member Functions

void setup_lanes (void)

Private Attributes

Kokyu::Dispatcher_Auto_Ptr dispatcher_
 The dispatcher.
RtecScheduler::Scheduler_var scheduler_
 The scheduler.
int lanes_setup_
int disp_sched_policy_
int disp_sched_scope_

Detailed Description

Dispatching strategy that minimizes priority inversion.

This strategy uses multiple queues, each serviced by a thread at different priority. This minimizes priority inversion because the consumers at higher priority are serviced before consumers at lower priority. It is more flexible than using the supplier thread to dispatch because it allows high-priority suppliers to push events to low-priority consumers (and vice-versa). It also isolates the supplier threads from the time spent on upcalls to the consumer objects, making the system easier to analyze and schedule.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_BEGIN_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_DECL TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching ( TAO_EC_Event_Channel_Base ec,
int  sched_policy,
int  sched_scope 

The scheduler is used to find the range of priorities and similar info.

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::activate ( void   )  [virtual]

Initialize all the data structures, activate any internal threads, etc.

Implements TAO_EC_Dispatching.

void TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::push ( TAO_EC_ProxyPushSupplier proxy,
RtecEventComm::PushConsumer_ptr  consumer,
const RtecEventComm::EventSet event,
TAO_EC_QOS_Info &qos_info  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL 
) [virtual]

The consumer represented by proxy should receive event. It can use the information in qos_info to determine the event priority (among other things).

Implements TAO_EC_Dispatching.

void TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::push_nocopy ( TAO_EC_ProxyPushSupplier proxy,
RtecEventComm::PushConsumer_ptr  consumer,
RtecEventComm::EventSet event,
TAO_EC_QOS_Info &qos_info  ACE_ENV_ARG_DECL 
) [virtual]

Implements TAO_EC_Dispatching.

void TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::setup_lanes ( void   )  [private]

void TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::shutdown ( void   )  [virtual]

Deactivate any internal threads and cleanup internal data structures, it should only return once the threads have finished their jobs.

Implements TAO_EC_Dispatching.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Allocator* TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::allocator_ [private]

int TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::disp_sched_policy_ [private]

int TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::disp_sched_scope_ [private]

Kokyu::Dispatcher_Auto_Ptr TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::dispatcher_ [private]

The dispatcher.

int TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::lanes_setup_ [private]

RtecScheduler::Scheduler_var TAO_EC_Kokyu_Dispatching::scheduler_ [private]

The scheduler.

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