TAO_EC_QOS_Info Class Reference

A representation of QoS information for the event channel filters. More...

#include <EC_QOS_Info.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_EC_QOS_Info (void)
 TAO_EC_QOS_Info (const TAO_EC_QOS_Info &rhs)

Public Attributes

RtecBase::handle_t rt_info
RtecBase::Preemption_Priority_t preemption_priority
long timer_id_

Detailed Description

A representation of QoS information for the event channel filters.

Filters compute QOS information for real-time dispatching, this class encapsulates that information. This first implementation is just a place-holder.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



ACE_INLINE TAO_EC_QOS_Info::TAO_EC_QOS_Info ( const TAO_EC_QOS_Info rhs  ) 

Copy constructor, it does the obvious thing, but if it is not here the HP/aCC compiler breaks.

Member Data Documentation

RtecBase::Preemption_Priority_t TAO_EC_QOS_Info::preemption_priority

RtecBase::handle_t TAO_EC_QOS_Info::rt_info

long TAO_EC_QOS_Info::timer_id_

Timer ids propagate their identity using this field, notice that they cannot use the event type because there could be multiple timeouts for the same consumer.

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