ACE_TSS_Cleanup Class Reference

Singleton that helps to manage the lifetime of TSS objects and keys. More...

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Public Member Functions

int insert (ACE_thread_key_t key, void(*destructor)(void *))
void thread_use_key (ACE_thread_key_t key)
 Mark a key as being used by this thread.
int thread_detach_key (ACE_thread_key_t key)
int free_key (ACE_thread_key_t key)
void thread_exit (void)

Private Types


Private Member Functions

void dump (void)
void thread_release (ACE_TSS_Info &info, ACE_TSS_Info::Destructor &destructor, void *&tss_obj)
int remove_key (ACE_TSS_Info &info)
bool find_tss_keys (ACE_TSS_Keys *&thread_keys) const
ACE_TSS_Keystss_keys ()
 ACE_TSS_Cleanup (void)
 Ensure singleton.
 ~ACE_TSS_Cleanup (void)

Private Attributes

 Table of <ACE_TSS_Info>'s.
ACE_thread_key_t in_use_


class TSS_Cleanup_Instance
 ACE_TSS_Cleanup access only via TSS_Cleanup_Instance.

Detailed Description

Singleton that helps to manage the lifetime of TSS objects and keys.

Member Typedef Documentation


typedef ACE_TSS_Info* ACE_TSS_Cleanup::ACE_TSS_TABLE_ITERATOR [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_TSS_Cleanup::ACE_TSS_Cleanup ( void   )  [private]

Ensure singleton.

ACE_TSS_Cleanup::~ACE_TSS_Cleanup ( void   )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_TSS_Cleanup::dump ( void   )  [private]

bool ACE_TSS_Cleanup::find_tss_keys ( ACE_TSS_Keys *&  thread_keys  )  const [private]

Find the TSS keys (if any) for this thread.

thread_keys reference to pointer to be filled in by this function.
false if keys don't exist.

int ACE_TSS_Cleanup::free_key ( ACE_thread_key_t  key  ) 

This key is no longer used Release key if use count == 0 fail if use_count != 0;

key the key to be released

int ACE_TSS_Cleanup::insert ( ACE_thread_key_t  key,
void(*)(void *)  destructor 

Register a newly-allocated key

key the key to be monitored
destructor the function to call to delete objects stored via this key

int ACE_TSS_Cleanup::remove_key ( ACE_TSS_Info info  )  [private]

remove key if it's unused (thread_count == 0)

info reference to the info for this key

int ACE_TSS_Cleanup::thread_detach_key ( ACE_thread_key_t  key  ) 

This thread is no longer using this key call destructor if appropriate

void ACE_TSS_Cleanup::thread_exit ( void   ) 

Cleanup the thread-specific objects. Does _NOT_ exit the thread. For each used key perform the same actions as free_key.

void ACE_TSS_Cleanup::thread_release ( ACE_TSS_Info info,
ACE_TSS_Info::Destructor destructor,
void *&  tss_obj 
) [private]

Release a key used by this thread

info reference to the info for this key
destructor out arg to receive destructor function ptr
tss_obj out arg to receive pointer to deletable object

void ACE_TSS_Cleanup::thread_use_key ( ACE_thread_key_t  key  ) 

Mark a key as being used by this thread.

ACE_TSS_Keys * ACE_TSS_Cleanup::tss_keys (  )  [private]

Accessor for this threads ACE_TSS_Keys instance. Creates the keys if necessary.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TSS_Cleanup_Instance [friend]

ACE_TSS_Cleanup access only via TSS_Cleanup_Instance.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_thread_key_t ACE_TSS_Cleanup::in_use_ [private]

Key for the thread-specific ACE_TSS_Keys Used by find_tss_keys() or tss_keys() to find the bit array that records whether each TSS key is in use by this thread.

ACE_TSS_TABLE ACE_TSS_Cleanup::table_ [private]

Table of <ACE_TSS_Info>'s.

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