OS_NS_Thread.cpp File Reference

#include "ace/OS_NS_Thread.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_stdio.h"
#include "ace/Sched_Params.h"
#include "ace/OS_Memory.h"
#include "ace/OS_Thread_Adapter.h"
#include "ace/Min_Max.h"
#include "ace/Object_Manager_Base.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_errno.h"
#include "ace/OS_NS_ctype.h"
#include "ace/Log_Msg.h"
#include "ace/Auto_Ptr.h"
#include "ace/Thread_Mutex.h"
#include "ace/Condition_T.h"
#include "ace/Guard_T.h"

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class  ACE_TSS_Cleanup
 Singleton that helps to manage the lifetime of TSS objects and keys. More...
class  TSS_Cleanup_Instance
int ACE_OS::cond_init (ACE_cond_t *cv, short type, const char *name, void *arg)
int ACE_OS::event_destroy (ACE_event_t *event)
int ACE_OS::event_init (ACE_event_t *event, int manual_reset, int initial_state, int type, const char *name, void *arg, LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES sa)
int ACE_OS::event_pulse (ACE_event_t *event)
int ACE_OS::event_reset (ACE_event_t *event)
int ACE_OS::event_signal (ACE_event_t *event)
int ACE_OS::event_timedwait (ACE_event_t *event, ACE_Time_Value *timeout, int use_absolute_time)
int ACE_OS::event_wait (ACE_event_t *event)
int ACE_OS::mutex_init (ACE_mutex_t *m, int lock_scope, const char *name, ACE_mutexattr_t *attributes, LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES sa, int lock_type)
int ACE_OS::mutex_destroy (ACE_mutex_t *m)
int ACE_OS::mutex_init (ACE_mutex_t *m, int lock_scope, const wchar_t *name, ACE_mutexattr_t *attributes, LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES sa, int lock_type)
int ACE_OS::mutex_lock (ACE_mutex_t *m)
int ACE_OS::mutex_lock (ACE_mutex_t *m, int &abandoned)
int ACE_OS::mutex_lock (ACE_mutex_t *m, const ACE_Time_Value &timeout)
int ACE_OS::mutex_trylock (ACE_mutex_t *m)
int ACE_OS::mutex_trylock (ACE_mutex_t *m, int &abandoned)
int ACE_OS::mutex_unlock (ACE_mutex_t *m)
void ACE_OS::mutex_lock_cleanup (void *mutex)
 Handle asynchronous thread cancellation cleanup.
int ACE_OS::sched_params (const ACE_Sched_Params &sched_params, ACE_id_t id)


#define ACE_THREAD_FUNCTION   thread_args->entry_point ()
#define ACE_THREAD_ARGUMENT   thread_args


 destructor_ (dest)
 thread_count_ (-1)
void ACE_TSS_Cleanup_keys_destroyer (void *tss_keys)
void ACE_OS::cleanup_tss (const u_int main_thread)
int ACE_OS::lwp_getparams (ACE_Sched_Params &sched_params)
int ACE_OS::lwp_setparams (const ACE_Sched_Params &sched_params)
int ACE_OS::scheduling_class (const char *class_name, ACE_id_t &)
 Find the schedling class ID that corresponds to the class name.
int ACE_OS::set_scheduling_params (const ACE_Sched_Params &, ACE_id_t id=ACE_SELF)
 Friendly interface to <priocntl>(2).
int ACE_OS::thr_create (ACE_THR_FUNC func, void *args, long flags, ACE_thread_t *thr_id, ACE_hthread_t *thr_handle, long priority, void *stack, size_t stacksize, ACE_Base_Thread_Adapter *thread_adapter)
void ACE_OS::thr_exit (ACE_THR_FUNC_RETURN status)
int ACE_OS::thr_key_detach (ACE_thread_key_t key, void *)
int ACE_OS::thr_get_affinity (ACE_hthread_t thr_id, size_t cpu_set_size, cpu_set_t *cpu_mask)
int ACE_OS::thr_set_affinity (ACE_hthread_t thr_id, size_t cpu_set_size, const cpu_set_t *cpu_mask)
int ACE_OS::thr_key_used (ACE_thread_key_t key)
int ACE_OS::thr_keycreate (ACE_thread_key_t *key, ACE_THR_DEST dest, void *)
int ACE_OS::thr_keyfree (ACE_thread_key_t key)
int ACE_OS::thr_setprio (const ACE_Sched_Priority prio)
int ACE_OS::thr_setspecific (ACE_thread_key_t key, void *data)
void ACE_OS::unique_name (const void *object, char *name, size_t length)

Define Documentation

#define ACE_THREAD_ARGUMENT   thread_args

#define ACE_THREAD_FUNCTION   thread_args->entry_point ()

Function Documentation

void ACE_TSS_Cleanup_keys_destroyer ( void *  tss_keys  ) 

destructor_ ( dest   ) 

thread_count_ ( 1  ) 

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