ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager Class Reference

This class manages the notify pipe of the AIOCB Proactor. More...

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager (ACE_POSIX_AIOCB_Proactor *posix_aiocb_proactor)
virtual ~ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager (void)
int notify ()
 Send the result pointer through the notification pipe.
virtual void handle_read_stream (const ACE_Asynch_Read_Stream::Result &result)

Private Member Functions

 ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager (void)
 Default constructor. Shouldnt be called.

Private Attributes

 The implementation proactor class.
ACE_Message_Block message_block_
 Message block to get ACE_POSIX_Asynch_Result pointer from the pipe.
ACE_Pipe pipe_
ACE_POSIX_Asynch_Read_Stream read_stream_
 To do asynch_read on the pipe.

Detailed Description

This class manages the notify pipe of the AIOCB Proactor.

This class acts as the Handler for the <Asynch_Read> operations issued on the notify pipe. This class is very useful in implementing <Asynch_Accept> operation class for the <AIOCB_Proactor>. This is also useful for implementing <post_completion> for <AIOCB_Proactor>.

<AIOCB_Proactor> class issues a <Asynch_Read> on the pipe, using this class as the Handler. <POSIX_Asynch_Result *>'s are sent through the notify pipe. When <POSIX_Asynch_Result *>'s show up on the notify pipe, the <POSIX_AIOCB_Proactor> dispatches the completion of the <Asynch_Read_Stream> and calls the <handle_read_stream> of this class. This class calls <complete> on the <POSIX_Asynch_Result *> and thus calls the application handler. Handling the MessageBlock: We give this message block to read the result pointer through the notify pipe. We expect that to read 4 bytes from the notify pipe, for each <accept> call. Before giving this message block to another <accept>, we update <wr_ptr> and put it in its initial position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager ( ACE_POSIX_AIOCB_Proactor posix_aiocb_proactor  ) 

Constructor. You need the posix proactor because you need to call <application_specific_code>

ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::~ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager ( void   )  [virtual]


ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager ( void   )  [private]

Default constructor. Shouldnt be called.

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::handle_read_stream ( const ACE_Asynch_Read_Stream::Result result  )  [virtual]

This is the call back method when <Asynch_Read> from the pipe is complete.

Reimplemented from ACE_Handler.

int ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::notify (  ) 

Send the result pointer through the notification pipe.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Message_Block ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::message_block_ [private]

Message block to get ACE_POSIX_Asynch_Result pointer from the pipe.

ACE_Pipe ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::pipe_ [private]

Pipe for the communication between Proactor and the Asynch_Accept/Asynch_Connect and other post_completions

ACE_POSIX_AIOCB_Proactor* ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::posix_aiocb_proactor_ [private]

The implementation proactor class.

ACE_POSIX_Asynch_Read_Stream ACE_AIOCB_Notify_Pipe_Manager::read_stream_ [private]

To do asynch_read on the pipe.

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