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TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver Class Reference

Receives UDP and Multicast messages. More...

#include <ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver.h>

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Public Member Functions

int handle_input (ACE_SOCK_Dgram &dgram, TAO_ECG_CDR_Processor *cdr_processor)
 TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver (CORBA::Boolean check_crc)
 ~TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver (void)
void init (TAO_ECG_Refcounted_Endpoint ignore_from)
void shutdown (void)

Static Public Attributes

TAO_ECG_UDP_Request_Entry Request_Completed_

Private Types

typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Manager<
ACE_INET_Addr, Requests *,

Private Member Functions

int mark_received (const ACE_INET_Addr &from, CORBA::ULong request_id)
int process_fragment (const ACE_INET_Addr &from, const Mcast_Header &header, char *data_buf, TAO_ECG_CDR_Processor *cdr_processor)
Request_Map::ENTRYget_source_entry (const ACE_INET_Addr &from)

Private Attributes

TAO_ECG_Refcounted_Endpoint ignore_from_
 Ignore any events coming from this IP address.
Request_Map request_map_
size_t max_requests_
 Serializes use of <request_map_>.
size_t min_purge_count_
CORBA::Boolean check_crc_
 Flag to indicate whether CRC should be computed and checked.

Detailed Description

Receives UDP and Multicast messages.

Update class documentation below.
5) Make status array size and purge_count configurable.

This class receives UDP and Multicast message fragments, assembles them (described in detail below), and passes complete messages in the form of cdr streams to the calling classes.

This class is used by various Gateway classes (Senders/Receivers) responsible for federating Event Channels with UDP/Mcast.

= REASSEMBLY Fragmentation is described in ECG_CDR_Message_Sender.h Whenever an incomplete fragment is received (one with fragment_count > 1) we allocate an entry for the message in an map indexed by (host,port,request_id). The entry contains the buffer, a bit vector to keep track of the fragments received so far, and a timeout counter. This timeout counter is set to 0 on each (new) fragment arrival, and incremented on a regular basis. If the counter reaches a maximum value the message is dropped. Once all the fragments have been received the message is sent up to the calling classes, and the memory reclaimed.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Manager<ACE_INET_Addr, Requests*, ACE_Null_Mutex> TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::Request_Map [private]

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum [private]

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver CORBA::Boolean  check_crc  ) 

ACE_INLINE TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::~TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::Request_Map::ENTRY * TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::get_source_entry const ACE_INET_Addr from  )  [private]

int TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::handle_input ACE_SOCK_Dgram dgram,
TAO_ECG_CDR_Processor cdr_processor

Returns 1 if data was read successfully and accepted by <cdr_processor> without errors. Returns 0 if there were no errors, but no data has been passed to <cdr_processor>, either due to request being incomplete (not all fragments received), or it being a duplicate. Returns -1 if there were errors.

ACE_INLINE void TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::init TAO_ECG_Refcounted_Endpoint  ignore_from  ) 

ignore_from Endpoint used to remove events generated by the same process.

int TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::mark_received const ACE_INET_Addr from,
CORBA::ULong  request_id

Returns 1 on success, 0 if <request_id> has already been received or is below current request range, and -1 on error.

int TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::process_fragment const ACE_INET_Addr from,
const Mcast_Header header,
char *  data_buf,
TAO_ECG_CDR_Processor cdr_processor

Returns 1 if complete request is received and <event> is populated, 0 if request has only partially been received or is a duplicate, and -1 on error.

void TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::shutdown void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::check_crc_ [private]

Flag to indicate whether CRC should be computed and checked.

TAO_ECG_Refcounted_Endpoint TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::ignore_from_ [private]

Ignore any events coming from this IP address.

size_t TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::max_requests_ [private]

Serializes use of <request_map_>.

Size of a fragmented requests array, i.e., max number of partially received requests kept at any given time per source.

size_t TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::min_purge_count_ [private]

Minimum number of requests purged from a fragmented requests array when the range of requests represented there needs to be shifted.

TAO_ECG_UDP_Request_Entry TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::Request_Completed_ [static]

Represents any request that has been fully received and serviced, to simplify the internal logic.

Request_Map TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::request_map_ [private]

The map containing all the incoming requests which have been partially received.

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