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ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver.h File Reference

#include "ECG_UDP_Out_Endpoint.h"
#include "tao/CDR.h"
#include "tao/Environment.h"
#include "ace/Hash_Map_Manager.h"
#include "ace/INET_Addr.h"
#include "ace/Null_Mutex.h"

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class  TAO_ECG_CDR_Processor
 Interface for callback objects used by TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver to propagate received data to its callers. More...
class  TAO_ECG_UDP_Request_Entry
 Keeps information about an incomplete request. More...
class  TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver
 Receives UDP and Multicast messages. More...
struct  TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::Mcast_Header
 Helper for decoding, validating and storing mcast header. More...
class  TAO_ECG_CDR_Message_Receiver::Requests

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