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PG_Property_Set_Find.h File Reference

#include <ace/ACE.h>
#include "portablegroup_export.h"
#include "ace/Hash_Map_Manager.h"

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namespace  TAO


template<typename TYPE>
int find (const PG_Property_Set &decoder, const ACE_CString &key, TYPE &value)

Detailed Description

PG_Property_Set_Find.h,v 1.4 2005/11/14 22:03:50 ossama Exp

This is a companion function for the properties docoder to work around compilers that don't support templated methods.

Dale Wilson <>

Function Documentation

template<typename TYPE>
int find const PG_Property_Set &  decoder,
const ACE_CString key,
TYPE &  value

Find a value in a TAO::PG_Property_Set. This is a work-around for the lack of templated methods.

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