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ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator Class Reference

Codeset translation routines common to both Output and Input CDR streams. More...

#include <CDR_Stream.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator ()
virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean read_wchar (ACE_InputCDR &, ACE_CDR::WChar &)=0
virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean read_wstring (ACE_InputCDR &, ACE_CDR::WChar *&)=0
virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean read_wchar_array (ACE_InputCDR &, ACE_CDR::WChar *, ACE_CDR::ULong)=0
virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean write_wchar (ACE_OutputCDR &, ACE_CDR::WChar)=0
virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean write_wstring (ACE_OutputCDR &, ACE_CDR::ULong, const ACE_CDR::WChar *)=0
virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean write_wchar_array (ACE_OutputCDR &, const ACE_CDR::WChar *, ACE_CDR::ULong)=0
virtual ACE_CDR::ULong ncs ()=0
virtual ACE_CDR::ULong tcs ()=0

Protected Member Functions

ACE_CDR::Boolean read_1 (ACE_InputCDR &input, ACE_CDR::Octet *x)
ACE_CDR::Boolean read_2 (ACE_InputCDR &input, ACE_CDR::UShort *x)
ACE_CDR::Boolean read_4 (ACE_InputCDR &input, ACE_CDR::ULong *x)
ACE_CDR::Boolean write_1 (ACE_OutputCDR &output, const ACE_CDR::Octet *x)
ACE_CDR::Boolean write_2 (ACE_OutputCDR &output, const ACE_CDR::UShort *x)
ACE_CDR::Boolean write_4 (ACE_OutputCDR &output, const ACE_CDR::ULong *x)
ACE_CDR::Boolean read_array (ACE_InputCDR &input, void *x, size_t size, size_t align, ACE_CDR::ULong length)
ACE_CDR::Boolean write_array (ACE_OutputCDR &output, const void *x, size_t size, size_t align, ACE_CDR::ULong length)
int adjust (ACE_OutputCDR &out, size_t size, size_t align, char *&buf)
void good_bit (ACE_OutputCDR &out, bool bit)
 Used by derived classes to set errors in the CDR stream.
ACE_CDR::Octet major_version (ACE_InputCDR &input)
 Obtain the CDR Stream's major & minor version values.
ACE_CDR::Octet minor_version (ACE_InputCDR &input)
ACE_CDR::Octet major_version (ACE_OutputCDR &output)
ACE_CDR::Octet minor_version (ACE_OutputCDR &output)

Detailed Description

Codeset translation routines common to both Output and Input CDR streams.

This class is a base class for defining codeset translation routines to handle the character set translations required by both CDR Input streams and CDR Output streams.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::~ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE int ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::adjust ACE_OutputCDR out,
size_t  size,
size_t  align,
char *&  buf

Exposes the stream implementation of <adjust>, this is useful in many cases to minimize memory allocations during marshaling. On success <buf> will contain a contiguous area in the CDR stream that can hold <size> bytes aligned to <align>. Results

ACE_INLINE void ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::good_bit ACE_OutputCDR out,
bool  bit

Used by derived classes to set errors in the CDR stream.

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Octet ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::major_version ACE_OutputCDR output  )  [protected]

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Octet ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::major_version ACE_InputCDR input  )  [protected]

Obtain the CDR Stream's major & minor version values.

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Octet ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::minor_version ACE_OutputCDR output  )  [protected]

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Octet ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::minor_version ACE_InputCDR input  )  [protected]

virtual ACE_CDR::ULong ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::ncs  )  [pure virtual]

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::read_1 ACE_InputCDR input,
ACE_CDR::Octet x

Children have access to low-level routines because they cannot use read_char or something similar (it would recurse).

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::read_2 ACE_InputCDR input,
ACE_CDR::UShort x

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::read_4 ACE_InputCDR input,
ACE_CDR::ULong x

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::read_array ACE_InputCDR input,
void *  x,
size_t  size,
size_t  align,
ACE_CDR::ULong  length

Efficiently read <length> elements of size <size> each from <input> into <x>; the data must be aligned to <align>.

virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::read_wchar ACE_InputCDR ,
[pure virtual]

virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::read_wchar_array ACE_InputCDR ,
ACE_CDR::WChar ,
[pure virtual]

virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::read_wstring ACE_InputCDR ,
ACE_CDR::WChar *& 
[pure virtual]

virtual ACE_CDR::ULong ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::tcs  )  [pure virtual]

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::write_1 ACE_OutputCDR output,
const ACE_CDR::Octet x

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::write_2 ACE_OutputCDR output,
const ACE_CDR::UShort x

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::write_4 ACE_OutputCDR output,
const ACE_CDR::ULong x

ACE_INLINE ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::write_array ACE_OutputCDR output,
const void *  x,
size_t  size,
size_t  align,
ACE_CDR::ULong  length

Efficiently write <length> elements of size <size> from <x> into <output>. Before inserting the elements enough padding is added to ensure that the elements will be aligned to <align> in the stream.

virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::write_wchar ACE_OutputCDR ,
[pure virtual]

virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::write_wchar_array ACE_OutputCDR ,
const ACE_CDR::WChar ,
[pure virtual]

virtual ACE_CDR::Boolean ACE_WChar_Codeset_Translator::write_wstring ACE_OutputCDR ,
ACE_CDR::ULong  ,
const ACE_CDR::WChar
[pure virtual]

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