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TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var Class Reference

"_var" class for the OpenSSL
X509  structure.

#include <SSLIOP_X509.h>

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Public Methods

 ~TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var (void)

TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var & operator= (X509 *)
TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var & operator= (const TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var &)
TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var & operator= (const X509 &)
const X509operator-> (void) const
X509operator-> (void)
 operator const X509 & () const
 operator X509 & ()
X509in (void) const
X509 *& inout (void)
X509 *& out (void)
X509_retn (void)
X509ptr (void) const
 TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var (void)
 TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var (X509 *x)
 TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var (const TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var &)
 TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var (const X509 &x)

Private Methods

 TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var (const TAO_Base_var &rhs)
TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var & operator= (const TAO_Base_var &rhs)

Private Attributes

 The OpenSSL X509 structure that represents a X.509 certificate.

Detailed Description

"_var" class for the OpenSSL
X509  structure.

This class is simply used to make operations on instances of the OpenSSL

X509  structures exception safe. It is only used internally by the SSLIOP pluggable protocol.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var void   

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var X509   x

TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var const TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var &   

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var const X509   x

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::~TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var void   


TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var const TAO_Base_var   rhs [private]

Member Function Documentation

ACE_INLINE X509 * TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::_retn void   

ACE_INLINE X509 * TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::in void    const

ACE_INLINE X509 *& TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::inout void   

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator const X509 &  

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator X509 &  

ACE_INLINE X509 * TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator-> void   

ACE_INLINE const X509 * TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator-> void    const

TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var& TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator= const TAO_Base_var   rhs [private]

Reimplemented from TAO_Base_var.

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var & TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator= const X509  

TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var& TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator= const TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var &   

ACE_INLINE TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var & TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::operator= X509  

ACE_INLINE X509 *& TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::out void   

ACE_INLINE X509 * TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::ptr void    const

Member Data Documentation

X509* TAO_SSLIOP_X509_var::x509_ [private]

The OpenSSL X509 structure that represents a X.509 certificate.

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