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SSLIOP Namespace Reference


struct  AuthData
interface  Current
 The following are TAO extensions. More...

exception  NoContext
struct  File
struct  SSL


typedef sequence< octet > ASN_1_Cert
 A DER encoded X.509 certificate.

typedef sequence< ASN_1_CertSSL_Cert


enum  FileType { ASN1, PEM }


const IOP::ComponentId TAG_SSL_SEC_TRANS = 20
 Security mechanism SSL.

Typedef Documentation

typedef sequence<octet> SSLIOP::ASN_1_Cert

A DER encoded X.509 certificate.

typedef sequence<ASN_1_Cert> SSLIOP::SSL_Cert

A chain of DER encoded X.509 certificates. The chain is actually a sequence, according CORBA CDR encapsulation rules. The sender's certificate is first, followed by any Certificate Authority certificates proceeding sequentially upward.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum SSLIOP::FileType

Enumeration values:

Variable Documentation

const IOP::ComponentId SSLIOP::TAG_SSL_SEC_TRANS = 20

Security mechanism SSL.

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