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Timer_Helper Class Reference

Timer Helper for the clerk. More...

#include <Timer_Helper.h>

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Public Methods

 Timer_Helper (void)

 ~Timer_Helper (void)

 Timer_Helper (TAO_Time_Service_Clerk *clerk)
 Constructor that sets the clerk.

int handle_timeout (const ACE_Time_Value &time, const void *arg)

Protected Types

typedef ACE_Array_Base< CosTime::TimeService_var > IORS
 The set of server IORs.

Protected Attributes

 Clerk's instance that this class helps to update time.

Detailed Description

Timer Helper for the clerk.

The handle timeout method of this class is called periodically by the reactor. This method updates the clerk's notion of globally synchronized time by contacting the various Time Servers.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Array_Base<CosTime::TimeService_var> Timer_Helper::IORS [protected]

The set of server IORs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Timer_Helper::Timer_Helper void   


Timer_Helper::~Timer_Helper void   


Timer_Helper::Timer_Helper TAO_Time_Service_Clerk   clerk

Constructor that sets the clerk.

Member Function Documentation

int Timer_Helper::handle_timeout const ACE_Time_Value   time,
const void   arg

This method is called periodically by the Reactor to update the clerk's time.

Reimplemented from ACE_Event_Handler.

Member Data Documentation

TAO_Time_Service_Clerk* Timer_Helper::clerk_ [protected]

Clerk's instance that this class helps to update time.

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