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  • an educational and experimental research framework to aid in teaching operating system concepts using object-oriented software design patterns & techniques and visualization

    Visual OSimulator is built using the following middleware technologies:

    We are in the process of redesigning & restructuring the architecture for Visual OSimulator. This decision was made because a lot of the new features we are adding to the next version is causing us to lose focus of our some of our project goals such as:

    • Providing a simulation tool that provides visualization without having to know how to program the visual aspect of the tool.
    • Providing a simulation tool that is platform/system independent.

    What does the future hold?

    Becuase we are in the process of redesigning and restructuring the entire architecture, we do not have a projected release date for the next version. The next release will have the following:

    • Support for writing file manager modules
    • Support for network communication between
    • Support for managing real applications
    • Support for creating real applications that use Visual OSimulator resources

    Congrats! It's a Visual OSimulator!

    Visual OSimulator started as a small interest project I [James H. Hill] began when I was an undergraduate at Morehouse College. I was always interested in operating system and wanted to create my own, but at the time I did not have the resources. Furthermore, I was taking an introduction to operating systems course, and although the projects we completed were fun, I personally did not like using console screen dumps to debug them. Also, when I tried to find operating system simulators, they were either Linux based (I had a Windows PC at the time) or did not have what I wanted. Thus, I set out on a mission to design an operating system simulation tool that had what I wanted.


    Visual OSimulator is distributed as freeware, but we, currently, do not include the source code in the distribution. We only distribute it in binary form and give you the necessary header files.