TAO  2.4.2
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TimeBase::UtcT Struct Reference

A timestamp in UTC time. More...


Public Attributes

TimeT time
 The actual time. More...
unsigned long inacclo
 The lowest bound for innacuracy. More...
unsigned short inacchi
 The upper bound for the innacuracy. More...
TdfT tdf

Detailed Description

A timestamp in UTC time.

The inaccuracy is packed into inacclo & inacchi. tdf holds the time displacement factor.

There are a total of 16 octets in this struct.

What is exactly the range of time here? Is it [time-inacclo,time+inacchi]?

Member Data Documentation

unsigned short TimeBase::UtcT::inacchi

The upper bound for the innacuracy.

unsigned long TimeBase::UtcT::inacclo

The lowest bound for innacuracy.

TdfT TimeBase::UtcT::tdf
please document
TimeT TimeBase::UtcT::time

The actual time.

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