ACE  6.4.2
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ACE_Registry::Object Class Reference

An object representation. More...

#include <Registry.h>

Public Member Functions

 Object (void *data=0, u_long size=0, u_long type=REG_NONE)
 Default constructor. More...
void data (void *data)
 Set data. More...
void * data (void) const
 Get data. More...
void size (u_long size)
 Set size. More...
u_long size (void) const
 Get size. More...
void type (u_long type)
 Set type. More...
u_long type (void) const
 Get type. More...

Private Attributes

void * data_
 Pointer to data. More...
u_long size_
 Size of the data. More...
u_long type_
 Type of data. More...

Detailed Description

An object representation.

In CORBA, all objects inherit from (CORBA::Object). For the registry, this is used as a wrapper for an instance of a built-in data type. Think about an object as being similar to a file in a file system.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Registry::Object::Object ( void *  data = 0,
u_long  size = 0,
u_long  type = REG_NONE 

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void ACE_Registry::Object::data ( void *  data)

Set data.

void * ACE_Registry::Object::data ( void  ) const

Get data.

void ACE_Registry::Object::size ( u_long  size)

Set size.

u_long ACE_Registry::Object::size ( void  ) const

Get size.

void ACE_Registry::Object::type ( u_long  type)

Set type.

u_long ACE_Registry::Object::type ( void  ) const

Get type.

Member Data Documentation

void* ACE_Registry::Object::data_

Pointer to data.

u_long ACE_Registry::Object::size_

Size of the data.

u_long ACE_Registry::Object::type_

Type of data.

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