ACE  6.4.1
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config-lite.h File Reference
#include "ace/config-macros.h"
#include "ace/ace_wchar.h"




typedef void(* ACE_EXIT_HOOK) (void)
typedef void(* ACE_CLEANUP_FUNC) (void *object, void *param)
typedef void(* ACE_INIT_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (ACE_OS_Log_Msg_Attributes &attr)
typedef void(* ACE_INHERIT_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (ACE_OS_Thread_Descriptor *, ACE_OS_Log_Msg_Attributes &)
typedef void(* ACE_CLOSE_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (void)
typedef void(* ACE_SYNC_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (const ACE_TCHAR *prog_name)
typedef ACE_OS_Thread_Descriptor *(* ACE_THR_DESC_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (void)


int ace_exit_hook_marker

Detailed Description

(Originally in OS.h)Doug Schmidt
Jesper S. M|
and a cast of thousands...

This file contains the contents of the old config-all.h in order to avoid a circular dependency problem caused by some of the new includes added to config-all.h, e.g., OS_main.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

typedef std::reverse_iterator<iterator> reverse_iterator; \
typedef std::reverse_iterator<const_iterator> const_reverse_iterator;
ACE_DECLARE_STL_REVERSE_ITERATORS is a crutch to be used until all C++ compiler supported by ACE support the standard reverse_iterator adapters.

ACE_DECLARE_STL_REVERSE_ITERATORS is not meant for use outside of ACE.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* ACE_CLEANUP_FUNC) (void *object, void *param)
typedef void(* ACE_CLOSE_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (void)
typedef void(* ACE_EXIT_HOOK) (void)
typedef void(* ACE_INHERIT_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (ACE_OS_Thread_Descriptor *, ACE_OS_Log_Msg_Attributes &)
typedef void(* ACE_INIT_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (ACE_OS_Log_Msg_Attributes &attr )
typedef void(* ACE_SYNC_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (const ACE_TCHAR *prog_name)
typedef ACE_OS_Thread_Descriptor*(* ACE_THR_DESC_LOG_MSG_HOOK) (void)

Variable Documentation

int ace_exit_hook_marker