TAO_AnyTypeCode  2.4.0
TAO::RefCount_Policy_Traits< RefCountPolicy, TypePtr > Struct Template Reference

Compile-time selection of RefCount_Policy operations, etc. More...

#include <RefCount_Policy_Traits.h>

Detailed Description

template<class RefCountPolicy, typename TypePtr>
struct TAO::RefCount_Policy_Traits< RefCountPolicy, TypePtr >

Compile-time selection of RefCount_Policy operations, etc.

No-op reference count policy traits.

This primary template is used to select RefCount_Policy operations, etc at compile-time based on the reference counting policy and type being operated on.

This merely a forward declaration since we really only care about the partial specializations below.

This partial specialization performs no-op reference counting operations on values of type TypePtr if the RefCountPolicy first argument is Null_RefCount_Policy.

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