TAO_AnyTypeCode  2.4.0
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CORBA::Any_var Class Reference

Provide for automatic storage deallocation on going out of scope. More...

#include <Any.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Any_var (void)
 Any_var (Any *a)
 Any_var (const Any_var &)
 ~Any_var (void)
Any_varoperator= (Any *)
Any_varoperator= (const Any_var &)
Anyoperator-> (void)
 Arrow operator (smart pointer). More...
 operator const Any * () const
 Cast. More...
 operator Any *& ()
 Cast. More...
const Anyin (void) const
 For in Any parameter. More...
Anyinout (void)
 For inout Any parameter. More...
Any *& out (void)
 For out Any parameter. More...
Any_retn (void)
 For Any return type. More...
Anyptr (void) const
 TAO specific extension. More...

Private Attributes

 Holds the Any. More...

Detailed Description

Provide for automatic storage deallocation on going out of scope.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CORBA::Any_var::Any_var ( void  )
CORBA::Any_var::Any_var ( CORBA::Any p)
CORBA::Any_var::Any_var ( const Any_var r)
CORBA::Any_var::~Any_var ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Any * CORBA::Any_var::_retn ( void  )

For Any return type.

const CORBA::Any & CORBA::Any_var::in ( void  ) const

For in Any parameter.

CORBA::Any & CORBA::Any_var::inout ( void  )

For inout Any parameter.

CORBA::Any_var::operator Any *& ( )


CORBA::Any_var::operator const Any * ( ) const


CORBA::Any * CORBA::Any_var::operator-> ( void  )

Arrow operator (smart pointer).

CORBA::Any_var & CORBA::Any_var::operator= ( CORBA::Any p)
CORBA::Any_var & CORBA::Any_var::operator= ( const Any_var r)

Assignment from an Any_var This operation requires memory allocation. If the allocation fails, *this is returned unmodified.

CORBA::Any *& CORBA::Any_var::out ( void  )

For out Any parameter.

CORBA::Any * CORBA::Any_var::ptr ( void  ) const

TAO specific extension.

Member Data Documentation

Any* CORBA::Any_var::ptr_

Holds the Any.

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