TAO_AnyTypeCode  2.4.0
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TAO::Any_Basic_Impl Class Reference

Non-template class for all the basic types. More...

#include <Any_Basic_Impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Any_Basic_Impl (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, void *value)
virtual ~Any_Basic_Impl (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean marshal_value (TAO_OutputCDR &)
CORBA::Boolean demarshal_value (TAO_InputCDR &)
CORBA::Boolean demarshal_value (TAO_InputCDR &, CORBA::Long)
virtual void _tao_decode (TAO_InputCDR &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::Any_Impl
CORBA::Boolean marshal (TAO_OutputCDR &)
virtual void free_value (void)
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr type (void) const
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr _tao_get_typecode (void) const
void type (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr)
virtual int _tao_byte_order (void) const
virtual void _add_ref (void)
virtual void _remove_ref (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean to_object (CORBA::Object_ptr &) const
virtual CORBA::Boolean to_value (CORBA::ValueBase *&) const
virtual CORBA::Boolean to_abstract_base (CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr &) const
bool encoded (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void insert (CORBA::Any &, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, const void *)
static CORBA::Boolean extract (const CORBA::Any &, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, void *)
static Any_Basic_Implcreate_empty (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::Any_Impl
static void _tao_any_string_destructor (void *)
 Used to release these CORBA basic types. More...
static void _tao_any_wstring_destructor (void *)

Static Private Member Functions

static void assign_value (void *, Any_Basic_Impl *)
static void assign_value (void *, Any_Basic_Impl *, CORBA::Long tck)

Private Attributes

CORBA::Long kind_
union {
   CORBA::Short   s
   CORBA::UShort   us
   CORBA::Long   l
   CORBA::ULong   ul
   CORBA::Float   f
   CORBA::Double   d
   CORBA::Boolean   b
   CORBA::Char   c
   CORBA::Octet   o
   CORBA::LongLong   ll
   CORBA::ULongLong   ull
   CORBA::LongDouble   ld
   CORBA::WChar   wc

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TAO::Any_Impl
typedef void(* _tao_destructor) (void *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TAO::Any_Impl
 Any_Impl (_tao_destructor, CORBA::TypeCode_ptr, bool encoded=false)
virtual ~Any_Impl (void)
- Protected Attributes inherited from TAO::Any_Impl
TAO::Any_Impl::_tao_destructor value_destructor_
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr type_
bool encoded_

Detailed Description

Non-template class for all the basic types.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::Any_Basic_Impl ( CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc,
void *  value 
TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::~Any_Basic_Impl ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

void TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::_tao_decode ( TAO_InputCDR cdr)

Reimplemented from TAO::Any_Impl.

void TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::assign_value ( void *  dest,
Any_Basic_Impl src 
void TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::assign_value ( void *  dest,
Any_Basic_Impl src,
CORBA::Long  tck 
Any_Basic_Impl * TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::create_empty ( CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc)
CORBA::Boolean TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::demarshal_value ( TAO_InputCDR cdr)
CORBA::Boolean TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::demarshal_value ( TAO_InputCDR cdr,
CORBA::Long  tck 
CORBA::Boolean TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::extract ( const CORBA::Any any,
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc,
void *  _tao_elem 
void TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::insert ( CORBA::Any any,
CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc,
const void *  value 
CORBA::Boolean TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::marshal_value ( TAO_OutputCDR cdr)

Implements TAO::Any_Impl.

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::Boolean TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::b
CORBA::Char TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::c
CORBA::Double TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::d
CORBA::Float TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::f
CORBA::Long TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::kind_
CORBA::Long TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::l
CORBA::LongDouble TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::ld
CORBA::LongLong TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::ll
CORBA::Octet TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::o
CORBA::Short TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::s
union { ... } TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::u_
CORBA::ULong TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::ul
CORBA::ULongLong TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::ull
CORBA::UShort TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::us
CORBA::WChar TAO::Any_Basic_Impl::wc

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