ACE  6.3.4
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Time_Policy.h File Reference
#include "ace/Time_Policy.inl"


class  ACE_System_Time_Policy
 Implement the system time policy for ACE. More...
class  ACE_HR_Time_Policy
 Implement a time policy based on the ACE Highres timer. More...
class  ACE_FPointer_Time_Policy
class  ACE_Delegating_Time_Policy
 Implement a time policy that delegates to a dynamic time policy. More...
class  ACE_Dynamic_Time_Policy_Base


typedef ACE_FPointer_Time_Policy ACE_Default_Time_Policy

Detailed Description

Carlos O'Ryan
Martin Corino

Typedef Documentation

Temporarily, for backwards compatibility reasons, this will be the default time policy. In time to be replaced by ACE_System_Time_Policy.