ACE  6.3.4
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Local_Name_Space_T.h File Reference
#include "ace/Name_Space.h"
#include "ace/Naming_Context.h"
#include "ace/SString.h"
#include "ace/Local_Name_Space.h"
#include "ace/Null_Mutex.h"
#include "ace/Hash_Map_Manager_T.h"
#include "ace/Local_Name_Space_T.cpp"


class  ACE_Name_Space_Map< ALLOCATOR >
 This class serves as a Proxy that ensures our process always has the appropriate allocator in place for every operation that accesses or updates the Map Manager. More...
class  ACE_Local_Name_Space< ACE_MEM_POOL_1, ACE_LOCK >
 Maintaining accesses Local Name Server Database. Allows to add NameBindings, change them, remove them and resolve NameBindings. More...


typedef ACE_Unbounded_Set< ACE_NS_WStringACE_WSTRING_SET
typedef ACE_Hash_Map_Manager_Ex< ACE_NS_String, ACE_NS_Internal, ACE_Hash< ACE_NS_String >, ACE_Equal_To< ACE_NS_String >, ACE_Null_MutexMAP_MANAGER

Detailed Description

Prashant Jain
Irfan Pyarali and
Douglas C. Schmidt

Typedef Documentation

A short-hand name for our set of name/value/type tuples passed back to callers.