TAO_IFR  2.3.3
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be_util Class Reference

#include <be_util.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static TAO_IFR_BE_Export void prep_be_arg (char *s)
 Special BE arg call factored out of DRV_args. More...
static TAO_IFR_BE_Export void arg_post_proc (void)
 Checks made after parsing args. More...
static TAO_IFR_BE_Export void usage (void)
 Display usage of BE-specific options. More...
static TAO_IFR_BE_Export AST_Generator * generator_init (void)
 Create an AST node generator. More...

Member Function Documentation

void be_util::arg_post_proc ( void  )

Checks made after parsing args.

AST_Generator * be_util::generator_init ( void  )

Create an AST node generator.

void be_util::prep_be_arg ( char *  s)

Special BE arg call factored out of DRV_args.

void be_util::usage ( void  )

Display usage of BE-specific options.

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