TAO  2.3.3
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TAO_Codeset_Manager Class Referenceabstract

The encapsulation of logic for codeset negotiation. More...

#include <Codeset_Manager.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TAO_Codeset_Manager (void)
 Destructor. More...
virtual void set_codeset (TAO_Tagged_Components &) const =0
virtual void set_tcs (TAO_Profile &theProfile, TAO_Transport &)=0
virtual void process_service_context (TAO_ServerRequest &)=0
virtual void generate_service_context (TAO_Operation_Details &, TAO_Transport &)=0
virtual TAO_Codeset_Translator_Baseget_char_trans (CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId tcs)=0
virtual TAO_Codeset_Translator_Baseget_wchar_trans (CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId tcs)=0
virtual void open (TAO_ORB_Core &core)=0
virtual TAO_Codeset_Descriptor_Basechar_codeset_descriptor (void)=0
virtual TAO_Codeset_Descriptor_Basewchar_codeset_descriptor (void)=0
virtual void get_ncs (CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId &ncsc, CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId &ncsw)=0

Detailed Description

The encapsulation of logic for codeset negotiation.

The Codeset Manager is owned by the ORB_Core, initialized through Resource Factory configuration options. The codeset manager participates in profile creation by servers and connection establishment by clients. The involvement is necessary to supply a codeset component to the profile including for both chars and wide chars the native code set and any conversion code sets for which translators are available. The codeset manager is also responsible for determining the transmission codesets based an the local and remote codeset information. The transmission codesets are communicated via a service context attached to the first request sent on the new connection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Codeset_Manager::~TAO_Codeset_Manager ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

virtual TAO_Codeset_Descriptor_Base* TAO_Codeset_Manager::char_codeset_descriptor ( void  )
pure virtual
virtual void TAO_Codeset_Manager::generate_service_context ( TAO_Operation_Details ,
pure virtual

Called by a client object to generate service context at this time Transport has the TCS for Char and WChar

virtual TAO_Codeset_Translator_Base* TAO_Codeset_Manager::get_char_trans ( CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId  tcs)
pure virtual
virtual void TAO_Codeset_Manager::get_ncs ( CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId ncsc,
CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId ncsw 
pure virtual
virtual TAO_Codeset_Translator_Base* TAO_Codeset_Manager::get_wchar_trans ( CONV_FRAME::CodeSetId  tcs)
pure virtual
virtual void TAO_Codeset_Manager::open ( TAO_ORB_Core core)
pure virtual
virtual void TAO_Codeset_Manager::process_service_context ( TAO_ServerRequest )
pure virtual

Called from an Object of TAO_Messaging for every request at server side to process service context and set TCS for Char/WChar

virtual void TAO_Codeset_Manager::set_codeset ( TAO_Tagged_Components ) const
pure virtual

Called by an object of TAO_Acceptor to set NCS and CCS values for Char/Wchar in to the Object Reference.

virtual void TAO_Codeset_Manager::set_tcs ( TAO_Profile theProfile,
pure virtual

Called from an object of "TAO_GIOP_Invocation" to set TCS on the Transport

virtual TAO_Codeset_Descriptor_Base* TAO_Codeset_Manager::wchar_codeset_descriptor ( void  )
pure virtual

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