TAO  2.3.3
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TAO::Transport::Stats Class Reference

#include <Transport.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Stats ()
virtual ~Stats ()
void messages_sent (size_t message_length)
CORBA::LongLong messages_sent (void) const
CORBA::LongLong bytes_sent (void) const
void messages_received (size_t message_length)
CORBA::LongLong messages_received (void) const
CORBA::LongLong bytes_received (void) const
void opened_since (const ACE_Time_Value &tv)
const ACE_Time_Valueopened_since (void) const

Private Attributes

TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX stat_mutex_
 Mutex guarding the internal state of the statistics. More...
CORBA::LongLong messages_rcvd_
CORBA::LongLong messages_sent_
ACE_Basic_Stats bytes_rcvd_
ACE_Basic_Stats bytes_sent_
ACE_Time_Value opened_since_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::Transport::Stats::Stats ( )
TAO::Transport::Stats::~Stats ( )

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::LongLong TAO::Transport::Stats::bytes_received ( void  ) const
CORBA::LongLong TAO::Transport::Stats::bytes_sent ( void  ) const
void TAO::Transport::Stats::messages_received ( size_t  message_length)
CORBA::LongLong TAO::Transport::Stats::messages_received ( void  ) const
void TAO::Transport::Stats::messages_sent ( size_t  message_length)
CORBA::LongLong TAO::Transport::Stats::messages_sent ( void  ) const
void TAO::Transport::Stats::opened_since ( const ACE_Time_Value tv)
const ACE_Time_Value& TAO::Transport::Stats::opened_since ( void  ) const

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Basic_Stats TAO::Transport::Stats::bytes_rcvd_
ACE_Basic_Stats TAO::Transport::Stats::bytes_sent_
CORBA::LongLong TAO::Transport::Stats::messages_rcvd_

The bytes_rcvd_.samples_count() could have been used instead, however there was a suspicion that 32 bits would be insufficient.

CORBA::LongLong TAO::Transport::Stats::messages_sent_

The bytes_sent_.samples_count() could have been used instead, however there was a suspicion that 32 bits would be insufficient.

ACE_Time_Value TAO::Transport::Stats::opened_since_
TAO_SYNCH_MUTEX TAO::Transport::Stats::stat_mutex_

Mutex guarding the internal state of the statistics.

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